5 Marketing Tools That Can Drastically Increase Sales

The success of an online store is heavily dependent on the number of sales bagged. So, if your eCommerce website has a low conversion rate, you need to do things differently and find a way to boost or increase sales.

The best way to increase sales, i.e., conversion rates, is to analyze the problem and discover why your online store is putting up a poor show. There are many reasons for this: it can be a poorly optimized website, or it simply doesn’t have enough visitors, to begin with; or if you are experiencing higher bounce rates, it means users (for some reason) don’t like what they see.

Marketing Tools to Increase Sales

In other words, you are dealing with a situation where your potential customers are dissatisfied with you, and you do not even know the problem. To address this problem and increase your sales, you should consider using the below-mentioned marketing tools to improve the online shopping experience.

1. Live Chat

Live chat

Live chat allows you to transform your online shop and make it seem more like an actual store by allowing you to interact with your visitors. In addition, this allows you to be proactive and receive customer feedback, which will help you make necessary improvements in the future.

Another way to use Live Chat to increase sales is by relying on more personalized service. For example, you can use your visitor’s history or past shopping experience and offer them more relevant content based on previous purchases.

So, if your agent has access to the user’s purchasing history, they can act immediately and offer products that are more likely to be bought by that user. Also, if your customer has already used the shop, the agent can skip the intro, address the customer by their surname/username on the online shop, and tell them they are essential.

2. Knowledge Base

Even though live chat can offer superior customer service, it still needs one of your customer support agents to start an engaging conversation with the user. Well, this is where a knowledge base will come in handy. The presence of a knowledge repository allows your users to search for the information they require and resolve the problem on their own.

With a knowledge base, you can store and archive critical information that will help those customers with the same question.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM software

CRM is a superior sales enablement tool that allows you to keep track of the sales process, giving insight into whether your client managers are performing their tasks and achieving targets on time. A CRM also allows you to share all the relevant customer information across your sales team, allowing your team to do a better job at closing deals. Lastly, you can keep track of the important clients and ensure they are always given the best treatment to reward their loyalty.

A CRM tool also includes features that will help you organize your team better and increase efficiency in general.

4. Email Marketing Tools

To sell more products, you need to keep your buyers informed and ensure that they always know if there is an active discount or a customer-based incentive. By using email marketing tools, you can always have a great way of keeping your active users updated about the latest offers. Moreover, you can categorize your users and offer them more relevant updates by sending personalized offers through email marketing. This is efficient because many users regularly check their emails, so it is safe to assume that important information will reach them. You can use trusted email marketing tools like Omnisend.

5. Help Desk Tool

help desk support

Last but not least, it is in your best interest to have a lot of happy customers and a significant number of positive reviews. You can swiftly address all of your customer concerns and problems, which becomes achievable when using a help desk tool. This type of software allows you to have a unique ticket system for organizing your customers’ questions and problems and connecting them with the right customer service agent who can immediately start resolving the issue. This helps you reduce customer queues, resolve problems more quickly and efficiently, and increase trust in your brand.


To sum up, you can always increase your online service quality by simply relying on quality software. Furthermore, people love to use technology for shopping, and if you want to be liked by your users, you need to keep up with the competition and meet your users’ expectations. Therefore, it is strongly advised to acquire these tools mentioned above and satisfy your customers to increase sales.

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