Heritage Watches from Tissot


An elegant watch is unarguably every man’s single most important fashion accessory. A graceful and timeless watch transgresses the defined ideas pertaining to it, as it becomes an expression of your individualistic style. In today’s time, owning a timeless piece has become more than a necessity than a luxury to watch connoisseurs. In the ocean of smart and modular watches, owning a heritage watch like Tissot Heritage is class apart. A vintage luxury watch is essentially history captured in a tangible manner and can undoubtedly be passed down to generations as an heirloom.

Tissot Heritage Watches

While all other materialistic items may have a restricted lifespan, a heritage watch from Tissot, retailed by one of the trusted luxury watch boutique Ethos, will withstand the rigors of time. A vintage watch certainly is a must-have for all fashion-forward men out there who love to stay in touch with their roots. Listed below are 5 impressive pieces from the range of Tissot’s collection titled “Heritage”. Take a look at them to finalize the perfect piece for you.

Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical

Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical

Personifying the old-world charm, Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanical allows its wearer to take a trip down the memory lane. In a time capsule, it takes back people back to the days when the fashion of pocket watches was overshadowed by wristwatches. Truly vintage in its appeal, this piece has a gorgeous leather strap with an elegant stitch detailing along with stainless steel back and sapphire crystal glass. Blending technology with old world charm, this luxury piece will make its wearer stand out from the crowd.

Heritage (MODEL: 641.16.057.00)

Heritage MODEL T078.641.16.057.00

Designed with an automatic chronometer and equipped with multiple time zones, this elegant luxury watch from Tissot is the perfect blend of technology and nostalgia. The watch operates on the automatic mechanical technology that is driven by the 2893 caliber machine. The stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal glass attached to a leather strap adds to its timeless appeal. Invest in this piece if vintage with a touch of modernity is your thing.

Tissot Heritage Prince 1 (MODEL:1.622.82)

Tissot Heritage Prince 1 MODEL T56.1.622.82

Staying true to their dictum of being the ‘Innovators by tradition’, Tissot Heritage Prince 1 is innovative in its technology but traditional in its approach. Crafted to suit the sensibilities of a modern man who has an inclination for grand old world charm, this luxury watch will definitely steal your heart the moment you set your eyes on it. With rectangular 26.8 mm steel case, leather strap and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass material, this piece will definitely enhance your style quotient.

Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic

Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic

To commemorate the integration of the date function in watches back in 1950’s Tissot launched this one-of-its-kind line of Tissot Heritage Visodate Automatic luxury watches. Engineered with a self-winding mechanical movement, this piece is elegance redefined. Plus it is also water resistant up to 30 mm, making it ideal for water babies. Exceptionally simple in its overall appeal, Visodate’s charm lies in the expert amalgamation of technology and vintage style. What makes it even more appealing is that it goes well with both formal and informal attire.

Heritage (MODEL:430.16.051.01)

Heritage MODEL T019.430.16.051.01

Designed with yesteryear’s original Tissot logo, this men’s stainless steel watch is last but not the least vintage luxury piece on our list. With a 40 mm case size, this piece is water resistance up to 30 mm. This luxury watch encapsulates the charm of old-world in a mesmerizing and functional manner. The watch sports black leather strap along with black colored dial manufactured with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Take a trip down the memory lane filled with nostalgia with this tremendous combination of style and simplicity.


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