Tips on Choosing the Right Mobile Tracker Free for All Company’s Cell Phones


Choosing the right mobile tracker for company cell phones. Have you ever thought on easy way of tracking other people’s phones? Sometimes, there is an urgent need to check their location or calls and messages.

It is naive to think only parents of teens need those options. There are various situations when such features can save reputation or detect unfair employees.

Right Mobile Tracker App

How to Get a Right Mobile Tracker?

Companies often lose clients and money over leaks or workers’ unscrupulous practice. This is why enterprises prefer giving their employees company cell phones. The smartest ones add one tiny feature to them that sets workers under total control of company’s management team. We talk about popular phone tracking apps.


Main functions of such apps are:

  • Location tracking
  • SMS checking
  • Calls control

Mobile tracker gives us total control on all activities of featured phone. We can define its exact location anytime. When it comes to calls and messages – we get detailed information on every incoming or outcoming talk or message.

Phone trackers copy texts from all popular messengers:

They also check regular SMS. Every message is saved together with date, time, phone numbers of sender and addressee.

When checking call logs – we get the same details, plus the duration. Calls are recorded also. Mostly it is enough to see time, date and another phone number to make all conclusions.


All logs are folded in separate files and stored at the distant server. Type login and password for quick access and press ‘log in’.

To check any records we need a PC and Internet connection. Access available from any computer no matter where it is located.

If you use this app for multiple phones – software saves logs in separate folders named after phone numbers. Search window is available for cases when we need something in particular. Sort all information by time, date, phone number, etc.

How to start?

Join this system in five easy steps:

  1. Buy a pack that satisfies all your needs. Some companies prefer additional features to the three basic ones. They can vary depending on provider and your plan.
  2. Install an application at company’s cells and give them to your employees. Software is absolutely invisible and will not show up anyhow. One should be an IT genius to detect it.
  3. Register in system. Get to the website stated in tutorial. Create your account and add all phone numbers of featured phones.
  4. Confirm your email address. Most of apps send short notifications to virtual mailboxes once there appear new records.
  5. Log in to start working with logs.

All data are kept at virtual server and will never leak from there. Even if a stranger gets an access to your account – there is no clue of the owner there.

This is why you can use a right mobile tracker and stay anonymous.


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