Think You’re Cut Out for Showerhead with Speaker?

Shower rooms are quiet places and sometimes appears boring to many people as they spend around 15 to 30 minutes just listening to themselves and water droplet sounds while taking a shower. Turning such an ordinary shower into a more enjoyable and great shower is the main question that keeps on revolving around the minds of many people. Perhaps you are one of such people. The solution is as simple as just installing a shower head speaker in your bathroom to have radio news or music played on your speaker as you take a bath. Let’s get started as we turn your ordinary shower into a greater one.

A showerhead speaker is a functional and regular shower head fitted with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It is perfectly ordinary with magnets employed to keep the speaker in place making it easier to use and remove anytime to replace the speaker batteries. Sometimes these speakers can be removed and used outside the shower rooms which expands its functionality. Due to its Bluetooth connectivity, it allows you to listen to your favorite music with a connection to devices such as a computer, iPhone, and Android phones. Tuning to favorite songs or listening to favorite broadcast radio news while you have a relaxing hot shower is a great and fantastic way to start your day.

kohler shower head with speaker
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Features of a shower head speaker

It has a silicon spray face with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that makes it extremely easy to use and long lasting respectively. Since silicon puts up to great deposit thinners, it would only need you to wipe it with your favorite bathroom cleaner or standard bathroom cleaner in cases of thinner deposits. Besides this, the variety of shower heads like Kohler enhances a healthier local environment and faster cleaning without running up a water bill by providing you with a 2.5 GPM flow rate. Also, it matches with any bathroom interior design due to its polished chrome shower finish.

Best shower speaker is designed with several angled nozzles that enhance a full body spray coverage with magnets that make it very simple to remove and replace. This ensures that washing away the soapy spots on your hair becomes a straightforward task without having to remove or tilt the shower head. It also works with plumbing configurations and Bluetooth connectivity that makes it easier to install and connect with other devices. To ensure the speaker works independently, it is fitted to sync from over 30 feet away from the floor of the bathroom. The speaker is simple, waterproof and portable fitted directly within the shower head.

shower head speaker

Furthermore, it is a wireless device that enables one tune on music or favorite radio channel for up to 7 hours. The air induction technology makes each drop feel bigger and luxurious enabling you to drench in the rain like a spray with favorite music. The rechargeable batteries vary depending on the settings, use and the environmental conditions thus having a limited number of cycles.

Advantages of shower head speakers

The speaker is fitted right where you need it straightly into your ears. This enables you to get a clearer and louder music thus creating a better listening and improving the showering experience.

It makes one start a fantastic day by listening to the favorite music as you take a relaxing warm shower without having to keep with the random radio programming. This enables you to choose what you want to listen to anytime you a taking shower.

The privacy of the shower and the alcove acoustics makes it an ideal stage for backing your singing. The songs you love will automatically flow from your heart as the water flows smoothly from the pipes thus backing your vocals.

It makes morning and evening showers to feel pretty cool as you play your song thus making it very entertaining.

Portable Speaker

The speaker can be used everywhere even outside the bathroom as it is portable. This enables one to share a cool new band even to friends by just whipping the speaker and turning it up anywhere you go. Besides this, it allows you to multitask as you can shower and listen to favorite music at the same time.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Due to its Bluetooth connectivity which is very universal, you can leave the phone outside the bathroom to avoid water damage or humidity effects. Apart from that, you can also receive phone calls while in the bathroom. It also allows you to control the volume of the speaker by decreasing or increasing the volume at your comfort level.

Wireless Technology

This wireless speaker is very simple to remove and replace, and it allows the music to continue playing even if you are done with the shower. It also has several nozzles that provide full body coverage thus enabling a full thorough cleaning. It’s very appealing as the speaker is designed with a suction cup fitted to the wall of the shower. It also has a low maintenance requirement with a consistent output on a daily basis as well as being reliable. For shower head speakers like Knox, Music jet has a highly apprentice capability making it have some tricks of its own. It enables one to enjoy the shower due to the high-quality shower.

Final Verdict

Finally in case you are looking for a more fantastic way to enjoy your time in the shower room and reliable way to listen to the tunes you love, installing the shower head speakers would be the best option. This has definitely been a worthy investment to make in the current days as it enables you to save about a quarter of the price list that you would have spent in a whole month. It is very simple to handle and easier to work with thereby making it a better option for many current homes. Although the original value of the device seems too high, it is the best way to ensure you always have a fantastic morning and evening as you have a hot shower. This will surely make a difference.

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