The Impact of IP Cameras on the World of Surveillance


The Impact of IP Cameras on the World of Surveillance

Technology has rapidly changed how we do things, how we communicate, conduct business, and the security industry is no different. Presently the world of video surveillance has started upgrading to IP systems. So what are IP cameras and security systems? Well, IP stands for Internet Protocol and what it basically means is that your surveillance data is now communicated via WIFI, CAT 5+or CAT6 Ethernet cabling, and sometimes 3G. This is a significant departure from the old coaxial cables that ran these systems as today your video can be recorded, stored, managed, moved using the same network infrastructure that is used for all data that is generated by the computers at your company.

This evolution of surveillance technology has had a direct impact on facilities managers, heads of security, and the personnel that ran the traditional surveillance systems. Today, all procurement of the equipment and the implementation of the security and surveillance systems have increasingly become the responsibility of IT managers and IT departments. These individuals are tasked with identifying the appropriate equipment, procuring it, and installing it. However it doesn’t stop there, they also have to reconfirm its value annually.

This change in corporate operations isn’t something that should be viewed negatively, in fact this change has created a huge advantage. Now you are awarded the opportunity to increase the value of the security systems once they are connected to the network. By adding IP cameras to the security system, you will be able to have centralised control of the surveillance across various corporate real estate. So whether your company has many branches locally, nationally, or even globally, IP video allows you to have the option of having your command centre in one location. The video management software that helps to run these IP systems in turn stores the data at the headquarters and at the location enabling senior staff access to it at any given time on their PC.

Impact of ip camera

As companies grow, it is important to have a video surveillance system that can be easily administered. They have to also be maintained easily and must upgrade effortlessly. Today’s IP video technology gives you the opportunity to evolve. As video management is now centralised, it is easy to manage and handle various surveillance tasks on a daily basis. In other words, IP cameras can be spread out through the world and be available for remote viewing at any time. This can be done easily via a PC, tablet, or smartphone making video surveillance management simple.

These cameras also allow you to connect your security systems to study behaviour, patterns of movement, and even keep an eye on stocks. As a result, IP video does not have to remain just in the realm of security as centralised video gives you plenty of options. Further, you can even add features like facial recognition to your system to keep track of employees or be notified when an important customer walks into the store. You can easily set up your video management system to send you text messages based on your specifications. In a retail environment a store manager can keep track of big spenders who come to the retail store and based on the customer database, provide the best service possible. Further, it also helps to keep track of when employees checked in and out of the premises.

CCTV systems only allowed video surveillance to ensure that everything was secure. But these days with IP video systems, the possibilities are endless. IP cameras can positively impact productivity, increase efficiency, and help you discover new opportunities. As the technology evolves, it enables us to find new uses for it. Today these security surveillance devices can be used for a lot more than just surveillance.

So next time you are at the super market or at the mall, think about who is watching you. Nine out of ten you can bet that it is not just security personnel keeping an eye on things. IP systems have now enabled marketers to study buying behaviour and store managers to better serve you.

The biggest benefit of IP cameras and video systems is the fact that you get all the extra benefits while maintaining security on company property.


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