Hire Front-end Developers for New IT startup, Test HTML/CSS and JavaScript Skills Online

Are you all set to commence an IT startup company or you are already running the same?

If your answers are Yes, then you just need to hire the best employees on affordable payouts. Yes, when you are running a startup you need to keep the budget in mind as well because such companies are started from scratch to find the sustainable business model. Thus, they need enthusiastic employees within the budget to work with honesty and enthusiasm.

Hiring employees is not an easy task, and that too when you need to hire the best talents within a small budget.

In the age of technology, you can use effective tools to do specific tasks rather than doing manually because the manual style of work takes a lot of time, and there are more chances of human errors. Therefore, I recommend using tools for carrying out miscellaneous tasks.

There is an online tool called Tests4Geeks.com that helps you select the best programmers and front-end developers for your startup. This makes the selection process quite easy and effective that you can choose the best talents efficiently without much involvement and expense.

Suppose you are running an IT startup for which you need enthusiastic Front-end developers who are well versed in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. All you need to do is to sign up for Tests4Geeks.com and create an HTML/CSS/Javascript test. Then send the link to the test to all the candidates who have applied for the job. Once they get the link and give the test, you get their results in your email. Now you can check out those results to filter the best candidates whom you can call for a face-to-face interview.

You might be wondering how it useful and effective. Let me tell you how.

Whenever you have to hire front-end programmers, you give an ad on sites like Monster, Indeed, and other job portals. Then you receive a huge number of applications, out of which you call a few of them for a live interview. Now say, you take interview of 50 candidates in a day. After taking the interview of all, you find out that out of those 50, about 30 have not even the basic knowledge of the skills you need. It means you have just wasted your precious time with those 30 candidates. We all know Time is Money! We need to spend our time carefully.

test for geeksNow, here Tests4Geeks.com do the magic that allows you to create a test for the skills you want, in your case, choose HTML/CSS test and send the link of the test to all the candidates. Now as they will complete the test, you get the results. You can assess the results of all, and call only those who deserve. It saves your time, and the cost of using Tests4geeks is quite affordable.

As you can see in the screenshot above, select the required skills. Then select the Share Permanent Link, which will show you a link that you have to share with the candidates

html and css js testIsn’t it very simple to use?

Of course, it is.


Start using tests4geeks.com to stop wasting your precious time. You can select the best front-end developers for your IT startup within a low budget and time efficient manner. You can have a look on the Plans & Pricing page of this tool to know more about it.

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