Technology Applied to Prevent Natural Disasters


Just as time escapes from us no matter how hard we grasp as it, nature is something that cannot be completely controlled. But its effects can be minimized or averted. One of the more devastating natural disasters has to do with rocks or boulders. When nature comes to a knocking, you better have protection against rockfall or your property and the lives of those nearby will be at risk. Everyone says, “safely first” or even “safely is our first priority”, but not everyone does anything about it. To truly protect your assets and other drivers from the major harms i.e. natural disasters such as rockfall, sinkholes, and rock slides, only true rockfall protection can be trusted.

Technology to Manage Natural Disasters

As we advance in many facets of life, such as technology, and medicine, we also continue to improve our protection efforts. Rockfall protection systems have had many advancements alongside natural hazard mitigation. With many options such as protection such as stabilizing rock faces, protection against rock slides and avalanche, and the continuous improvement regarding the cost of manufacturing and risk to own workers and the drivers on the road. Some of the newer developments include rockfall drapery meshes and different mattress control structures. These systems were created to help gain more control over natural hazards in construction workplaces and the environment. Nature is not one to be tamed, but will can and will do our best to prepare for the worst.

Protection from Natural disasters

Solution for Specific Situations

Good service starts with one thing, customer’s needs. By fully understanding personal needs and circumstance companies and customers will be on the right path of creating the best most detailed action possible for both parties. The priority is to create an environment that is safe, functional and is perfect for customers’ specific situations. We are all looking for the best fit at the best price.

Because of the likelihood of working with unlevel surfaces and otherwise taxing circumstances, designers create rockfall systems with ease in mind no matter the conditions. The nature of this job requires great adaptability and creativity. Another unique feature these systems have is durability. As we all want to have peace of mind in knowing that our systems will last for an extended period. This feature is crucial if the systems need to be installed in secluded locations.

Importance of CE mark

As far as social and industry recognition, it’s best to work with companies that have barrier systems that are being recognized with the CE mark for barrier systems. There are very few organizations that are recognized with this achievement.

The software used to design these incredible systems are MacRO1 and RO2. Unlike other software, these programs have the ability to design with surface stabilization in mind, which is the most crucial factor of the job.

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Cutting-edge Protection

A good rule of thumb is to find prospects that have been vetting by major institutes in the industry and is certified to provide services. To provide cutting-edge protection we make sure to comply with all of the latest standards.

We hope this article has been informative on the benefits of rockfall protection and that the state of the art software and protection systems will provide peace of mind when it comes to natural disasters of many kinds.


  1. Thank you for all this great information about safety measures! One thing that really stood out to me is that rockfall prevention systems help prevent natural hazards. I know that I wouldn’t want a giant rock coming down on a busy road.


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