To What Extent is It True that Technology Enhance Stress Levels in Teenagers


Technology that Enhance Stress Levels: These days, every teenager has his phone and unrestricted access to the Internet. This ease of access to technology has its share of disadvantages too. More and more people are becoming stressed due to the use of these gadgets. This hampers mental and physical health of the person and can take the form of severe diseases when not dealt with.

Stress Levels

Increasing use of smartphones, and social networking websites, more and more kids are confined to their home. They have been cut off from the external social environment. This leads to the development of mental stress levels in them.

Technology enhance stress levels
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Negatively impacts the grade

It has been observed that the craze of the technological equipment has led children spending countless hours in browsing, messaging and surfing websites on them. Due to which they pay less attention and time on studies and extra co-curricular activities. This negatively impacts their marks and grades and causes a buildup of stress and pressure in them.

Violent games

There are several gaming websites that offer violent games that instill violent and cruel tendency in a teenager. Teenagers become more frustrated, addicted and stressed while playing these games.

Buying the right mattress that reduces stress levels in your teenage child

1. Comfort

You need to check how the mattress feels on your body – soft or hard.

2. Right size

Many people use a mattress that is not of their size. Selection of the right size helps each part of your body to get absolute rest. Looking at the needs of people, mattresses are available in different sizes such as kids size, medium size, large size, XL, XXL, queen size, king size, etc. You need to take proper measurements before visiting a store.

3. Thickness

The thickness of your mattress plays a major role when it comes to deciding the ideal mattress. With passing time, your mattress will become thin and you won’t get the right comfort from it.  So, you need to select the right thickness of the mattress.

Sleeping mattress

4. Material

Different types of materials are used in manufacturing a mattress. Innerspring with metal coils, foam based mattress, latex, etc. is some of the popular types.

5. Check the warranty

A mattress is a good amount of investment in life. A mattress once purchased, easily stays for a minimum of five years.  So, get the right mattress that is made from the best quality material and is most durable.

6. Don’t only look for a branded mattress

A branded mattress may not have all those features that you have been looking for. In fact, you can find more comfort in ordinary ones. So, it is advisable to check all the available options and then try it out. This will help you get the right one.

The growing use of technology requires parents to keep a check on the extent their kids use technology and to limit the access when problems occur.


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