5 Ways Technology Has Affected Education


Living in the 21st century means we must be familiar with the ever-changing world of technology. The field of modern education is no exception. The world’s teachers and mentors must maintain a strong connection to the pace of technology to integrate the benefits of technological progression effectively. 

Modern Education Technology Advancements

One would be hard-pressed to find an educator who disagrees with such a standpoint. From laptops to tablets, to online courses, and beyond, technology has most definitely changed the face of education throughout time. Here are a few of the most significant ways the world of technology has collided with the field of education.

Education technology

Earn a college degree without ever leaving home

It is now possible to complete a college degree without ever stepping into a classroom.  In the past few years, online campuses have spawned with veracity. They are typically much more affordable than traditional universities as students have no need to travel to class or pay for on-campus housing. Modern education offers online colleges, which are much more adaptable to the lifestyle of a single, working, parent as well.

Chalkboards are a thing of the past

Chalkboards have almost completely disappeared from the classroom. Marker boards are next!  Smartboards are the chalkboard of the present. Smartboards are interactive, and touch screen enabled. Teachers can host educational games with interactive interfaces and live results.

Most smartboard models come equipped with a special pen tray that holds two specialized writing utensils. When students or teachers remove a pen from the tray an electronic signal is sent activating the pen and releasing the ability to use it as a sort of stylus on the smartboard.

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No more tiny notes floating around the classroom

No more tiny love notes are floating around the classrooms. Now the kids just text each other. The average age of a child receiving a cell phone has recently been lowered to 10-12.  Only ten years prior, this was an outrageous prediction.

Teachers are faced with a whole new set of challenges when kids are equipped with tiny handheld computers. Distraction and lack of focus are taken to a whole new level with that sort of distraction at a student’s fingertips, and we all know that rules do not deter stubborn kids.

Communication is exponentially more effective

Communication is a million times faster and easier than it was ten years ago. Students, teachers, and parents have no excuse to not be in contact with one another regularly. Email communications, mass text messages, automated phone calls, and much more create the ability never to lose touch.

iPads and Tablets create learning diversity

Technology has done some spectacular things in the field of modern education, especially through the development of the iPad and similarly, tablets. Students with all ranges of capabilities can mold their educational experience to their ability. Developmentally disabled students have a wide range of new abilities in the classroom through the integration of technology.


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