7 Technologies to Help You Make Money Online

Who doesn’t love making money? Whether you want to make $100 or $1,000, these technologies will put a little more cash in your pocket. While a few of the technologies and sites listed might only pay $10 or $50, there are some that pay a lot more. And, your money can really add up!

Let’s do this.

Make money online technology
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1. Fill Out Surveys – Make $10 and Up

Instead of sitting around playing Call of Duty (again), take a fast survey. Swagbucks is like Survey Junkie. You can make money watching videos or through cash back programs. And shouldn’t you make money for watching videos? They’ll even give you $10 just for signing up.

Want a few more survey sites?

Try These:

  • SendEarnings
  • Pinecone Research
  • i-Say
  • Pro Opinion

2. Write About What You’re Good At – Income Varies

While the income streams can vary, writing about a topic you’re fluent in can convert to cash. Explore Kindle Direct Publishing and create an ebook. You can earn up to 70% of what you make on each sale.

To Get Started:

  • Pick a topic you enjoy and write your book online or have someone write it for you. You can find writers on Freelancer or Upwork.
  • Hire a good editor to “spruce up”  your book and invest in a quality cover. Then create an awesome description and promote your book online.
  • Consider writing a series of books to entice readers.

3. Download Nielsen – Make $50

Don’t mind Nielsen tracking your internet usage? If you download the Nielsen app you can make $50 each year you have the app. The data collected is stored anonymously and you can use it on your mobile devices.

4. Create Affiliate Sites – Income Varies

Affiliate sites recommend various products online. If a person buys a product by clicking on the link you’ve provided, you get paid.

To Get Started:

  • Pick a product you are familiar with. Choose a topic you enjoy (or you’ll get bored and readers will ignore your blogs).
  • Create reviews that recommend products or review them. If you’re not a natural writer, hire one through Freelancer or Upwork (links included above).
  • Start a new affiliate site or add links into your existing site. An example might include a weight loss or nutritional supplement. When you mention the products, include a link.

5. Work as a Lyft Driver – Make $300 to $2,000 (Varies)

Tired of streaming Mad Men reruns in between GoT? Ready to get your side hustle on? Lyft drivers make $300 after their 100th ride. And that can add up quickly.

Some drivers boast of making $2,000 a week. While others take in about $2,000 a month (varies based on location).

Tip: Remember, when the weather is bad people will require your services – a lot! 

6. Share Your Coach Skills – Income Varies

Love helping others? Sell your services as a coach. You can create your own Wordpress blog and recommend your services.

To Get Started:  

  • Pick a topic you’re good at. An example might include positive thinking or marketing success.
  • Add a page for consulting and charge a fee.
  • Offer your services in-person or through Zoom or Skype.

Another approach is to start a Wordpress page and promote yourself. Share your cooking, carpentry or DIY skills. Create pages around your services and make YouTube videos. Guest post on other sites to generate leads to grow your business.

7. Promote Ibotta – Income $100 + $10

With Ibotta, you can make a fast $10 with the app and then $100 by sharing the link with 3 people. And, you can get $10 for each person you refer after that.

Bottom Line

There are so many ways to make new streams of income. And, most don’t require a lot of time.  Just make sure you store all that cash in an interest-bearing account for even more money!  

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