Around the World in 50 Years Tech that Changed Our Lives – An Infographic

Do you believe, electronic technology blessed all of us with many things and changed our lives completely? Engineers and scientists keep working on technology to make it more useful and simpler for everyone. We daily wake up and sleep with electronic technology gadgets. Do you want to quit the use of this gadget? I can bet your answer is ‘No’. You may feel your life little bit difficult without using today’s technology. Day by day we are being addicted and dependent on this.

Suppose any of your tech gadget dint work for a day then you may think – what the hell it is? why all this only happen to me? and blah blah.

Ever wonder what your life might be like without email? Or touchscreens? Or WiFi? All daydreaming aside, there’s no denying that technology shapes the way we live, and it shows no sign of stopping.

50 years and technology changed our lives

Let’s take a journey to surprising places, moving through the past 50 years and into the future, to look at the tech that’s changed (and will change) our lives.

Electronic Technology That Changed Our Life

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This infographic was created by experts at FlexEnable, a leading producer of flexible electronics technology.

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