There are many ways to establish an opinion about a certain era. One of those ways is judging the demands of the kids from their parents. There was a time when kids used to ask for toys, but in the recent years, video games and then computers replaced toys. Nowadays, you should not be amazed if even your 2-year-old demands for an iPhone. While parents can afford to gift such expensive smart phones to their kids, they should not neglect the safety issues and do something for Parental Monitoring.

Role Of Parental Monitoring


Today we see teens and preteens with iPhone in their hands, but how many of us are really informed of their use? According to an estimate, more than 50% of parents stay ignorant of their teens’ device use. As per the study of The Asian Parent Insight, 94% of the parents want to monitor their kids’ device usage and about 75% of them find it hard to do so. This is where the parental monitoring apps come into play. You can use any advanced parental app such as FamilyTime to monitor their device usage.

FamilyTime Dashboard

Using the Parental Monitoring app parents can:

  • Keep an eye on their kids’ browsing history along with the date and time for each URL.
  • View their bookmarks and favorites.
  • Monitor call logs and check the caller details and view their call timing along with date stamps.
  • Mirror contacts and view every contact saved in their kid’s phone along with the listed details.
  • Watchlist contacts and get instant alerts on the connection.
  • Check all of their installed apps along with app version and date of installation.
  • Block questionable apps & games.
  • Check the location history and stay in the know where their kids were the whole day.
  • Add specific places to Places list and get alerts when their kids enter or exit those places.
  • Receive SOS alerts in case of emergency from the kids with location details.
  • Receive PickMeUp alerts from your children and stay informed when it’s time to pick them up.
  • Put screen locks at any time they don’t want kids to use their smartphones.

The app is the answer to all your parenting concerns. To give this app a try yourself, download the app now from Google Play or iTunes.