In the earlier days, we used to work on Hotmail, which is now renewed and known as The foremost thing best about this account is that its account credentials can be used for availing the services of most Microsoft applications like; Windows system login, Skype Messenger Login, Windows phone setup, and more. Thus, the importance of this account and its contents increases in its value demanding firm security measures for its sustainability. Backup is one of the mediums that ensure the security of account data. Therefore, Outlook backup is a requirement greatly demanded by its users in the present time. The following segment offers a glance at the workarounds applicable for achieving the backup of emails without having to involve commercial utilities.

Workarounds for Outlook backup of Emails

Outlook backup

The only requirements for performing the workarounds to be discussed below are credentials of the account to be backed up and an uninterrupted internet connection.

  1. Forward Messages to Another Account: In this case, you can forward all / selected messages from your account to another email profile. This way the messages are always available. However, the only drawback is that you can only access this kind of backup with an uninterrupted internet connection only.
  2. Copy Messages to Documents: One of the archaic methods, this procedure is not followed currently especially when a bulk number of messages need to be backed up. This procedure can be availed by simply copying the contents of countable number of messages to a document file and saving it on the machine or saving a screenshot of the same.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

The approaches made manually, i.e. by implementing the procedure on your own and without the help of a third, party application can lead to a number of issues. This may include a high time consumption, end user efforts, and no guarantee of successful results to be achieved.

Therefore, the implementation of manual procedures in the case of availing Outlook backup is not suggested. One must go for third party applications instead.

Third Party Tools Over Manual Procedure

The benefit of using third party tool over manual procedures is that you are not required to put in efforts from your end and just commanding the software does it all. Moreover, local backup of is generated so that access to all of your messages is always available to you without the need of internet connectivity. Thus, you can always rely upon external tools for their reliability, user-friendly operations, and guaranteed results. An additional benefit of such solutions that you are given the option to customize how the data is backed up and what has to be backed up.

Hotmail Backup is amongst one such solution that can be used for the backup of emails. There are multiple features, which can be availed using the software. The supporting features help in customizing the entire backup procedure according to your requirement. You can backup emails from a desired folder or of the desired date range as specified. With the help of its freeware demo version, the application can be tested before being invested on.