Thursday, January 16, 2020
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Communication Tower for Wireless Hi-speed Internet and Mobile Network

Airtel Plans to Boost its 4G and 5G Offerings with an $8 Billion Plan

In a move that’s likely to further Airtel’s position as a leader with cutting-edge offerings in the telecom space, the telecom giant has announced...
Airtel introduced eSIM in India

Airtel becomes one of the first to introduce eSIMs in the Indian market

Some of you might have heard about eSIM: the technology that makes it possible to activate your network connection online and change providers without...
Airtel voice and data

Airtel Tops the Charts in Voice and Data Consumption, Beats Reliance Jio

We recently came across a Financial Express news report on the latest growth figures by Airtel. The Indian telecom space has seen tectonic shifts...
Buy a gaming phone

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Gaming Smartphone

The gaming experience on phones has come a long way from the slow-moving snake on the initial push-button phones to high-definition gaming with players...
Airtel - Best Network in India - Opensignal Report

What It Takes to be the Best Network in India: Understanding the Latest Opensignal...

To get a glimpse of the network experience for users across India, an authoritative source like Opensignal is the place to go. It is...
LTE 1800 Mhz vs LTE 900 Mhz

LTE 900: A Technology to Solve Your Indoor Network Woes

A dropped call in your living room that cuts short an important conversation. Slow network speed in the bedroom that ruins your binge-watching session....

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