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Airtel Extends Access to High-speed Data with Free Wi-Fi Zones

Airtel Extends Access to High-speed Data with Free Wi-Fi Zones

It’s difficult to imagine a day without internet access today. Being cut off from the internet means being cut off from remote access for...
5G Technology Revolution

5G Technology: What to Expect from The Latest Telecom Tech

Gearing Up for The Next Round of Network Revolution With 5G Technology The ability to download a full movie in a matter of seconds. This...
Airtel voice and data

Airtel Tops the Charts in Voice and Data Consumption, Beats Reliance Jio

We recently came across a Financial Express news report on the latest growth figures by Airtel. The Indian telecom space has seen tectonic shifts...
Buy a gaming phone

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Gaming Smartphone

The gaming experience on phones has come a long way from the slow-moving snake on the initial push-button phones to high-definition gaming with players...
Airtel - Best Network in India - Opensignal Report

What It Takes to be the Best Network in India: Understanding the Latest Opensignal...

To get a glimpse of the network experience for users across India, an authoritative source like Opensignal is the place to go. It is...
LTE 1800 Mhz vs LTE 900 Mhz

LTE 900: A Technology to Solve Your Indoor Network Woes

A dropped call in your living room that cuts short an important conversation. Slow network speed in the bedroom that ruins your binge-watching session....

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