Whether you are looking for a quick way of cleaning all accumulated junk and unwanted large files from your Android phone or wanting to accelerate the speed of your lagging device, Android cleaning apps can help like Systweak Android Cleaner etc. No wonder why there are so many of them on Google Play Store with respectable number of total downloads (and a few with millions of downloads to their name).

Systweak android cleaner

We spent some good hours installing and testing cleaning apps to boost android phone on our not-so-high-on-specs android device. This review is of Systweak Android Cleaner. Let’s see how it fared.

User-Interface & Ease of Use

Not a lot to say about that. Almost all cleaning apps are extremely easy to use. The same goes for Systweak Android Cleaner. On the home screen, there is a phone boost button, which releases RAM with a tap (details later).

There are four modules listed on the main screen. These are Junk Clean, Battery Saver, Storage Manager, and App Manager. This gives pretty much the whole idea what this app does other than removing junk and boosting your Android phone.

Systweak Android Cleaner – Full Review

Phone Boost

It is a one-tap optimization feature of Systweak Android Cleaner. It kills unrequired background processes and services that are loaded on RAM so as to free it for other tasks. If you’re android running slow Systweak Android Claner may help.

Systweak phone boost

If your smartphone handles tasks effortlessly and doesn’t lag much, then you are not going to notice any difference in its performance after using the phone boost. The app simply doesn’t make a fast device faster; no app does that. However, on our testing device, which is irritatingly slow, we did feel the improvement. There is no harm in testing this feature in your smartphone. Go ahead.

Storage and App Manager

These two modules will really come in handy if you have stuffed your phone with too many apps and files.

Storage Manager categorizes your files as per their category. You can tap on any category to see the list of files and remove the unwanted ones. There is an interesting segment called ‘Big Files’, which shows the files that are taking significant amount of space in your phone. If you spot any unneeded videos or any other files listed in there, you can easily delete them.

Systweak app manager

App Manager, as the name suggests, shows the list of all installed apps. You can uninstall any apps from here with as few as 2 taps.

Battery Saver

This is a superb add-on. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t complain about the battery life of his or her android smartphone.

Battery saver actually tweaks some of the settings such as Auto-Sync and sleep mode to give the users some more hours of the gleaming screen.

Systweak battery saver

If you don’t want battery saver to optimize any specific setting, you can uncheck the relevant box and then turn on the battery saver.

We didn’t include Wi-Fi and had let the app does its tweaks on other features. The app did add somewhere around 4 hours to the battery life of the smartphone that we were using.


Systweak Software, the company that has developed the product we are reviewing, makes some really good and popular utilities for Mac and iPhone, and they haven’t disappointed us with this app for Google Play Store.

What makes this android cleaner app different from others is it is free and it shows no ads. It doesn’t ask you to download company’s other apps by showing annoying banners. It is a very good attempt at giving a free and clean app to the android phone users.

There is almost nothing that goes against Systweak Android Cleaner. Recommended!

You can download Systweak Android Cleaner from the Google Play Store.

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