Systools Export Notes; which ranks high amongst enterprise level of software applications developing groups; works towards the migration of data from one large scale mail server platform to another. IBM Notes known for its security provisions tends to fail at providing better operability. MS Outlook on the other hand, gains an upper hand in the situation by providing a decent amount of everything including security and operational ease. Meanwhile, belonging to a software group like; Microsoft makes users easily bank upon it due to the year’s long familiarity with the brand. Hence, as an observation made on the ratio most IBM Notes when choose to switch from their current mail platform decide upon Microsoft Outlook majorly and rarely on other desktop applications. Data repository of IBM Notes is scanned for its content migration into the data repository format for Microsoft Outlook client. Meanwhile, a range of migration assisting services are facilitated in the form Notes database file / Notes address book migration facility along with, Outlook version selection for choice of output file creation, migration filters for selective item and category of data migration.


Interpretation Of The Application

SysTools Export Notes is a simple email data transfer application built with the programming to run on a Windows platform with data of any IBM Notes version (formerly, Lotus Notes) into selective edition and formatting of output Outlook Data File.

Basically, users who are switching entirely from their former client can make use of the tool as well as the ones merely making a transfer of data as the source file remains unchanged. The good news is that, a complimentary version for the trial and testing of this application offers migration of 15 items from each Notes client component folder. Therefore, extending a basic awareness of the application functioning on a prior note.

Functioning Of SysTools Export Notes

As part of the observation made on the application’s working following its trial and testing; it was discovered that the tool majorly functions in 3 Stages.

    1. Open NSF File: The Systools Export Notes features two options to open NSF file;

NSF Database – For selecting IBM Notes database file consisting of all component data.


    1. Names.nsf – For selecting the address book file for contacts migration only.


    1. Select Outlook Version (PST Formatting): For saving output PST file in desired formatting from; ANSI and Unicode the software again offers two selections:

Outlook 2000 to 2002 – You can go for this option to create PST file of older formatting (ANSI).
Outlook 2003 & Above – Or, this option can be selected for creating an output PST file of Unicode formatting (latest).


    1. Sort Filter Options: Filter options are provided by the software in a vast variety for a selective data / item migration which includes the following:

Category Selection – Choose from the category of data that you desire migrating; emails, contacts, etc.
Email Filter – Using this option you can set filter options on the migration of emails for selective item transport.
Advance Settings – Choose from a range of advanced settings you can assign for fulfilling minute email migration filter requirements.
Calendar & To Do Filter – Set filter on calendar entries and To Do items migration.


Apart from that, the application simply has to be proceeded for exportation of data in the selective manner. As an immediate response to the same, a report will be displayed on screen showing details of migration. The progress details will convert into Final Status of migration once the transfer of data from Notes database file is accomplished into a PST format output file.

Observations Made

As far as technical aspects regarding the functioning of Export Notes is concerned, it is quite a suggestive application for carrying out an appropriate migration of Notes database into Outlook format with safety kept as a primary concern. However, a mere yet evident concern regarding the utility is its restrictive functionality over Windows Operating Systems only. IBM Notes being one of the very few clients open towards working on OS ranging from Windows, Mac, to Linux which makes the restrictive functionality of the software a bit apparent.

Apart from that, the application offers some strong features like; removal of message level encryption, migration of data from a password protected NSF (as long as the password is known), automatic creation of a new PST on exceeding 20 GB size on the former output by the tool, and so on! Therefore, as per the opinion made, this application offers more than just platform versatility, so, one could compromise with it favorably.


As a whole the application program makes up to be a suitable rescue for users looking for a way to work out the migration from one client platform to another i.e. IBM Notes to MS Outlook; without compromising on the past repositories of the email program. Meanwhile, one of the notable aspects of the tool that strikingly comes out is the bulk migration of data to Exchange Server environment provisioned by the Technical and Enterprise License. This manages to cover up the restrictive usage of tool over a particular OS.

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