ITunes has remained very powerful. However, even though millions use it, some still hold some reservations because it brings problems when you want to transfer files from the desktop to the iOS devices. This is where you need the SynciOS as an alternative to the file transfer. SynciOS is a free app that allow the users to have more control of your device as compared to the iTunes

Easy assigning task
SynciOS helps people manage the files in iDevices. It gives you well organized and a functioning interface that allow you to manage easily and transfer file between a computer and the iOS. It works well because it is an all in one manager that allows you to convert, and then transfer media from PCs to other devices.

When you download the SynciOS to manage the files in iDevices, it automatically detects and connects your smart devices. It will then show a host of details in the devices such as the status of the battery, jailbreaking status and the expiry date. For easy navigation, it uses a column located on the left side for navigation on the applications to the connected smart devices.

SynciOS Interface

The left column checks the device connected for audio and video, the pictures, apps, calling information, eBooks and the file system. But when it comes to transferring of photos between a computer and the device, the iTunes has issues. But you can now go with the SynciOS that has application that make transfer of images to and from. In fact, it is easy to create albums on the devices, load the pictures from the computer and then allow syncing.

Transferring of photos between a computer and the device
Transferring of photos between a computer and the device

To enjoy the benefits, you have to download the current version that offers other features as well. For example, the latest version comes with an added built in video downloader. It offers download streaming videos from over 100 sites. It also gives you the opportunity to add free iOS market resources with games, apps, wallpapers and ringtones. It has an optimized program interface compared to earlier versions.

Built in video downloader
Built in video downloader
iOS market resources with games, apps, wallpapers and ringtones
iOS market resources with games, apps, wallpapers and ringtones

SynciOS Key Features:

  • Manage your music, videos, photos, apps, eBooks, contacts, SMS and other files of your iPhone,iPod&iPad.
  • Explore file system contents: view file content, copy files or their paths to a local directory, back them up, as well as create new folders and import new files.
  • Add songs, apps, videos, etc. from any PC to iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
  • Download Photo Streams from iCloud
  • Extract iTunes backup files
  • Built-in Video Converter, Audio Converter, Ringtone Maker
  • Download Web Videos from 100+ online sharing video sites easily.
  • Download free apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers and transfer for your iOS devices seamlessly.
  • Create and delete media files and albums.
  • Manage SMS, Contacts, call history and messages
  • Manage Apps and app documents; install, uninstall and backup apps from your PC.
  • Other useful utilities: clean up iPhone data, show system log,checkout crash report, as well as shut down or reboot devices.
SynciOS Key Features
SynciOS Key Features

The pros:
It gives you a nice user interface easy to use. The good layout allows you to use it efficiently. The SynciOS remove blocks between the devices. It is also known to take a small space than the iTunes and save your videos into supported formats.

The biggest advantage and feature about this application is the ability to work without internet connections compared to iCloud that must have connection. With the timely updates made, you get new features when the software is updated.

The Cons:
You still need iTunes installed as it provides the framework by which SynciOS communicate to your iTunes library and your iPod or iPhone.

Contact features do not work they way it should.

The bottom line
If you want an app that comes as a hassle free to manage your files from the computer to the iOS devices, go with the free download of SynciOS. With simple mouse clicks, you are done within seconds

Download SynciOS here