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Ever heard of something called anonymity? Well, you may have heard it somewhere but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have experienced it, and to make you do that there’s something for you guys, it’s a social network, called is a place where you express your feelings without being judged. is a whole new social network, where people get to post, message, discuss, and even email anyone around the world anonymously! Of course, it’s the choice of the user whether he wants to be anonymous or not. This social platform, is gaining a lot of traction from all of the globe and certainly has the potential to compete with the giants. recently shifted to a whole new design too, fixing all the flaws and making the user experience butter smooth and the people who use love it!

What can you do on
• Post anonymously
• Message anonymously
• Email anonymously
• Collaborate and discuss by making groups

Why would I post on it?
Answer is simple, there may be times when you’re embarrassed about something you’ve done or it may be some problem which you wanna share about with the world and want quick solutions but you don’t want your identity in between, there comes, post anything and everything, you get help and views from all over the world about your discussion. Not only that, you can make groups to discuss more, and inside groups you make discussions on various topics which you wanna discuss about. This is the next level of social networking!

Is it safe?
Yes, it’s totally safe, and for those who know about NSA, and how it’s taking data from Fb and twitter, the creators of have said, that all the data and identities of people are anonymous, no one gets out, everyone is a legion. They promise to get updates every Monday as they said in their profiles. Let’s see how this tech era rolls. Come Join the revolution!

It is also been said that they are coming out with an iOS app, which would change the user experience completely. Stay tuned for more news, till then check out the network and make new friends over there!



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