Study Helper App: Keeping Mobile Distractions at Bay for Better Studying Experience

Are you, like many of us in these modern times, being persistently distracted by the seemingly endless stream of a various app and social media notifications coming from your phone? Such is the attention-grabbing capabilities that they simply become irresistible. That constant nagging at the back of our minds, even if the notification sound hasn’t even manifested itself yet, only makes it worse. In that case, you may need a study helper app.

Study helper - Phone locker

Study Helper – Phone Locker

We are constantly bombarded by our expectations of what’s new in our social circles, our ranking in some game or other, and a host of other elements from the “digital flood”, that attaining deep concentration nowadays could really prove to be a herculean task. This is a big no-no if the school (or work) is involved. Hence, Study Helper was conceived.

The app’s main focus is to block all other apps that prove to be nothing more than distractions to activities that require your full attention. This is why this app is not only conducive for studying but for working as well. However, its features are undoubtedly made more for studying, though. The first main feature is Study Time.

In Study Time, the app basically records your studying time. This feature is very effective because just about all of us need to organize a schedule of how much we’re going to do a given activity on a daily basis. Additionally, if this mode is activated, all push notifications apps that you set as distractions will be blocked. If you intend to go all the way, though, then you can activate Hard Mode, which essentially locks your smartphone for a given time.

The app will keep a record of your study statistics as you continue to use it. Each subject that you spend time in studying can be labeled. The number of hours, as well as the time that you started and ended, is viewable in the History. The statistics can be broken down further into Months, Weeks, and Days. This is a truly valuable feature for students who want to keep track of how much time they are actually investing in each subject.

Compared to other apps designed specifically for students, Student Helper is an app that can stand out on its own particularly because of such unique features as the ability to completely lock your phone for a set duration, set and determine how much time you spend on studying, as well as the comprehensive usage statistics that it records for the user. This is also an app that is noticeably stricter because other apps only ever go so far as for block apps or websites that steal your attention. Without a doubt, by restricting access to your smartphone completely, greater self-discipline can be practiced and honed, which is basically what this app is promoting.

We can be easily overcome by waves of distractions, but there is always a way to lessen their effects on our lives as a whole. If you’re a student, you should settle for nothing less, and Student Helper is one app that you should definitely get if your commitment to education is without question.

You can get this study helper app by visiting this Google Play link:

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