A career in banking is one of the most adored professions in the world. It is dignified, respectful, and the benefits provided by the parent company are to die for. The banker is nothing but financial intermediary for the organization. They are responsible for arranging and negotiating large financial transactions.

The work profile is very diverse, with banker working in different capacities in the organization. Mostly, their role is dictated by the financial needs of the client.

Career banker

Enough said.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the elusive world of banking.

So where do you Begin, If want to be Banker?

First and foremost, get a degree.

It’s imperative that you have a graduation degree in any discipline with some very good grades. Even if the marks don’t cut it, you can make up for it in the specialization entrance exams.

Most of the banks across the world have their own recruitment process. Age limit is also an important criterion in the selection procedure.

In India, the 4 main banking job exams are:

  • RRB CWE for Regional rural banks
  • PO CWE for the post of a Probationary office
  • Clerk CWE for Clerical posts
  • Specialist Officer CWE for the position of a specialist officer

The eligibility criteria for all these exams are different from each other. Let’s take a look:


  • This exam is conducted for the recruitment of Office assistants and Officers for a post in 62 rural banks across India.
  • The age limit is from 18 to 28 years.
  • You need to have a graduation degree in any discipline.
  • Additional requirements include a proficiency in the local language of the state. You need to have studied and passed in that language in Class X.


  • The age limit here is 20 – 28 years (+3 years for OBC, +5 years for SC/ST, +10 years for handicapped)
  • A graduation degree is required in any discipline.
  • Written and verbal proficiency in the official language of the state.
  • Need to have studied IT/computer science in high school/college. If not, then you at least need to have a diploma/certification in the same.


  • The age limit here is 20 – 30 years.
  • You need to be a graduate in any discipline.
  • You need to be a citizen of India.
  • You need to have a good knowledge of computers including MS Office.

IBPS Specialist Officer CWE – IV

Individuals with specialized degrees like Btech/MBA etc. can join this department.

ibps specialist officer eligibility

Thousands of students apply for these exams every year. It’s very important that you devise methods to increase productivity when preparing for bank exams.

What skills do you need to excel?

A career in finance or banking can be very exciting, rewarding, and lucrative, but it is also demanding, high-pressured, and nerve-wracking. It is dominated by the confluence of mental and emotional aspects that drive the market value of this industry.

Many banks and investment firms look for specific qualities in potential employees. These skills need to be measurable and tangible at most.

1. Intelligence

It goes without saying that without intelligence you cannot excel in the field of money. Intellectual curiosity not only enables you to perform and understand your silo of work but helps in grasping the other functional aspects of the organization as well.

2. Discipline

With banking come high rewards, but also long hours, diligence, hard-work, and a lot of self-discipline to have these rewards in your grasp. The pressure cooker environment of a bank requires its employees to perform under great demands and intense scrutiny.

3. Entrepreneurial Qualities

If you think you have the ability to be creative and innovation is in your blood, a profession in banking will take you far and wide as it is a highly regarded skill. The top performers are able to provide business solutions in ways that are new and pioneering in their own right.

4. Global mindset

Broad-mindedness is a prerequisite for this job profile as it opens numerous doors to a deeper understanding of societies, culture, and international businesses. Academics concentrating on anthropology, sociology, and advanced linguistic skills stand in the limelight.

5. Building relationships

This is an intangible skill at most, but highly important nevertheless. Dealing with people in extreme situations and facing business issues head-on with high energy and positive attitude is a characteristic that banker must possess to succeed.

How great are the career prospects?

Honestly, they are epic.

If you have money on your mind, there are many interesting profiles that this line of work has to offer.

1. Tellers

This is an entry-level position. Tellers cash checks, accept deposits and handle customer service issues.

2. Loan Officers

As the name suggests, they are responsible for giving out loans and opening transactional accounts like savings and checking accounts.

3. Investment representatives

They have the authority to sell stocks, mutual funds, and other securities.

4. Insurance representatives

They sell life insurance, annuities, and even health insurance policies.

5. Auditors

They are responsible for detecting fraud, clerical errors, and effectively reducing the bank’s operational losses.

In the end…

It is clear from the aforementioned discussion that career as a banker is highly lucrative and rewarding in the long run. Individuals interested in this line of work can look for latest job vacancies in Yes Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, etc. and watch their dreams take flight. The cushiony comforts that come along with this job profile are not so bad either.

So what are you waiting for?! Take the plunge and see for yourself!


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