Spare Teenagers from Menace of Social Media Apps – An Infographic


Development of technology has brought many challenges for us. Addiction of teenagers on social media is one among them but it needs control and proper check and balance. Teenagers are exposed to p0rn stuff, girls are forced for sexting and many are murdered as well. This is really a very pathetic situation and moment of great concern for the nontech-savvy parents especially.

Spare Teenagers from Threat of Social Media

Our research shows that average age of a teenager involved in sharing or viewing p0rn stuff on social media is about 11 years and 70% of these kids are in not older than 18 years. The abrupt use and no control from parents are the major causes that lead to such stats.

Out of the total girls surveyed, 12% told that they’re pressurized for sexting and 38% girls and 39% boys confess sharing porn material on their social media accounts like Tumbler, Kik, Snap Chat and others. US National Center for Children revealed that there is an alarming increase in the crimes on social media. What happens actually on these forums? When a teen creates an account on a dating or other social media app, he/she gets in contact with the anonymous users that can exploit them and use for their personal purposes. Most of the teenagers are called on a date, spiked and rapped later on. Few cases have appeared in form of the deaths of teenagers. Parents should be strict and only allow their kids to use digital devices when they are among the family. Moreover, enhancing privacy setting and never sharing personal information publicly on social media are the best preventive steps. Employing monitoring applications would strengthen the defensive mechanism as well.

Protect teenagers social media apps dangers infographic


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