6 Tips for Social Media Video Marketing

If videos aren’t already included in your content strategy, then you need to reevaluate your priorities. If you aim to achieve better social media results, you are required to incorporate videos into your plans.

Regardless of whether your business is small or medium-sized, it would help if you never underestimated the power of social media video marketing, especially as it pertains to Instagram. In a world where everyone is so inclined towards sharing images and clips, videos prove to be a powerful marketing tool. The primary focus should be the quality rather than creating innumerable videos that scream ‘self-promotion.’

One of the best things about Instagram videos is they can get as versatile as your creativity. You can create small snippets highlighting your company’s mission or new product launch. If you don’t know how to get started, you may read more below to check out an Instagram video maker app to spruce up your Instagram presence.

Social media video marketing tips

Optimize Your Social Media Video Marketing

Focus on Sharing Value-Oriented, Short Videos

To ensure engagement and larger outreach from your videos on social media, create short and useful videos. Once done properly, your videos will help attract your audience’s attention, give your organic reach a boost, and spread the word about your business.

Short videos on social media are famous for the reason that they’re effective and work smoothly. These videos deliver content right away and won’t consume too much time.

Short videos are also ideal for those who are searching for useful information but don’t have much time to spend. Most people prefer browsing content on the move using their mobile devices. It is why a majority of social media content is often accessed through smartphones and other mobile devices.

An excellent way to leverage your social media video marketing is to create how-to or instructional videos that highlight how the product works or help the viewers understand how you can help them resolve their common concerns or problems in life. If you want to create short videos on Facebook, make sure to check out some useful guides online.

Create Videos Following The Platform’s Requirement

When it comes to social media video marketing, you should consider the platform and target audience. Hence, you’ll curate the marketing videos depending on the format of the social media site you’re using.

Social media marketing video tips

While YouTube is a top video sharing platform, other platforms also have their video formats. Rather than sharing YouTube videos on some social media channels, you should post videos directly to each platform.

As a matter of fact, with Facebook Watch and IGTV, video marketing has become mainstream on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. Be meticulous in the process of fine-tuning the size of your video based on each platform. It will help create a good experience for your target audience. For best results, follow a trick like the 1:1 aspect ratio.

You must also be wary of what videos go on which platform. For example, educational videos are ideal for platforms like LinkedIn. Platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, are good for entertaining videos. By customizing your videos based on the platform, you’ll help boost your audience experience.

The First Ten Seconds Of The Video Matters A Lot

To make social media marketing a great success, you should grab your viewer’s attention within the first ten seconds. Hence, make your content engaging and interactive enough to keep the focus of your audience. When creating video content, expect a particular section of your audience to leave after watching your video’s first few seconds once it fails to grab their attention. That’s why you have to write an exceptional script to ensure a maximum number of your audience stays and watches your video until it ends.

Your video’s opening must attract your viewers so you can bring out your video’s real potential. Depending on your preferences, you can either reveal something interesting at the start of your video or show valuable information right away. Just remember that the idea revolves around keeping your audience interested.

Don’t Forget To Use Subtitles

A smart social media video marketing tip is to consider adding subtitles to your videos. It won’t just make it easier for your audience to receive it but will also help your hearing-disabled viewers enjoy your content.

Videos that are subtitled are good when your audience doesn’t want to hear the audio yet is interested in watching the content. It’s also a great idea to get subtitles in different languages so you can reach universal audiences.

Track Your Videos

If you want to deliver better quality videos, you should know the preferences of your target audience. To do this, you’ll need to use an analytics tool to unveil important data regarding your video’s performance. Knowing which videos are doing great and the ones that are failing at their purpose can make a difference in your social media video marketing strategy in the future.

Add A Strong CTA Or Call-To-Action

In terms of social media marketing, it’s crucial to have the right and best strategy in place. Videos on social media may not be your sole weapon, but it’s one of the majors. So, to get a good return on investment from your video marketing efforts, you should have a clear and strong call-to-action.

To create a strong CTA, you must know your goal or objective first. Once you’re clear about that, it gets much easier to encourage your audience to take action. For instance, if your goal is to generate leads and boost your conversion rates, your CTA should clearly explain the benefit of giving their email address.

On Facebook, you’ll find it much easier to add a CTA within your video since this platform knows the significance of having a CTA. The entire process of adding a call-to-action to any Facebook page is now made easy. Once you add videos to your Facebook, you’ll be provided with an option to include or add your CTA.


Social media video marketing isn’t just a good marketing strategy for businesses. It’s also an incredible way to produce interesting and new content that can help you boost your engagement rate on social media. Increased audience engagement can help you improve your revenues in the long run. Just make sure that you provide nothing but quality and valuable, entertaining videos regularly.


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