Social Media Marketing 2.0 – An Innovative Marketing Concept


Social media marketing that incorporates Web 2.0 technologies appears to be the latest trend in marketing jargon. Social Media Marketing 2.0 entails marketing all the way through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. It controls the social impact of the web and activates contributory marketing at a vibrant level. Moreover, the effect is persistent and much more extensive than conventional marketing. The latest business survey revealed that a majority of online businesses prepare to add Web 2.0 potentials into their sites in the near future.

Web 2.0-based social marketing comprises of blogging, video sharing, online social networking, tagging, blogging, podcasting, RSS feeds and classy Web 2.0 graphics.

social media marketing 2.0

Here are some of the well-admired Social Marketing 2.0 types –

Social News and Social Media Marketing 2.0

digg top news

This is the easiest way of Social Marketing 2.0. Blogs and articles are tagged for easy submission, along with consequent submission on social news sites like In the event, ‘Digg Vote Counter’ is observed at the last part of an article, it can lead to a conclusion that Social Marketing 2.0 is in action.

Blog Posts and Social Media Marketing 2.0

blog post social media

Blog Posts boost the conventional media like magazines and newspapers. Further, reviews of the products or services offered can be written online in the form of blogs. These blogs can also include ‘virtual tours’. Being an automatic form of marketing, it is fetching progressively more significant to have a business blog.

Social Media Networking

social media networking

More and more companies are making efforts to have an online presence on social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. There are many precise social networking sites that gratify to a definite community and connect people with familiar interests. These sites permit the vendor to pre-sell their products to the online community. It can help set up a platform for sustained interface with current and budding customers. Through networking sites, Social Marketing 2.0 is measured to be a swiftly growing practice, since more individuals can take part in the development and once the fine words are proliferated.

Twitter and Social Media Marketing 2.0

follow me

Twitter is emerging as a popular micro-blogging site, and it has augmented exponentially in the perspective of Social Marketing 2.0. Moreover, Twitter should be equally measured as a business blog. The sole ambition is to permit the word gush out to the community. Twitter is becoming more efficient for intermingling with patrons and admirers.

YouTube for Social Media Campaigns


YouTube is emerging as a highly effective tool and a grand way to intermingle with patrons in order to spread the message in an uncomplicated manner. A good example of YouTube Social Media Marketing is the response of Microsoft to Apple’s commercials. In these commercials, Microsoft ran a corresponding ‘I’m a PC’ video and the achievement was all-embracing.

In order to make your website dynamic, utilize Social Marketing 2.0 and it can augment your website ranking expansively. You may require the exact person to like, re-tweet, and Digg your offerings and submissions. Place your conception on the social media sites, and assess how the customers or visitors like it.


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