Slot machine or casino gaming machine have its existence from mechanical age. In different continents it have different names – in United States slot machine, in United Kingdom fruit machine and in Australia poker machine. History of these machine is long and vivid.

The Invention of Slot machine

The very first slot machine was invented by a car mechanic, Charles Fey, about years 1887-1895. Its name was Liberty Bell which had three spinning reels and five symbols – diamond, heart, spade, horseshoes and cracked Liberty Bell. Player got biggest payoff when he got three Liberty Bells in a single spin.

Charles Fey Liberty Bell

Original Liberty Bell slot machine is still available and showcased in Liberty Belle Sallon, Nevada. Fruit themed slot machines are popular today and comes with traditional style cherry, melon and bar symbol. This change was made due to anti-gambling law in number of countries.

Money Honey – First Electromechanical Machine

honey money slot machine

Money honey was the world’s first electromechanical slot machine. It was developed by Bally Technologies Inc. in year 1963. It had multi-coin belt for improved gaming and higher payouts. Flashing lights were also introduced to attract players. Such changes made slot machines popular as casino games.

Megabucks –  First Electronic Machine

megabucks electronic slot machine

Microchip technology was emerging in 1980 and brought advancement in world of online slots. About years 1975-1979 Walt Fraley invented Future Coin and IGT the famous slot manufacturer bought patent for this. To link multiple slot machines IGT invented Megabucks which was a progressive one.

The Online Casino Machine

The age of internet brought slot machines online in form of online casino games. The first online casino game was lunched in year 1990 that we see today. Anyone from anywhere can play the game. Variety in game depends upon software design and development team.

Technology is changing day by day and now RFID has been involved and RFID enabled casino chips are available. You can read Gizmodo about UK’s finest casino.

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