Technology should make life better and easier. There are different technologies in cars that have made driving simpler. But technology changes with time. The following are six new car technologies that keep that tradition. They may not be available in all cars. However, they provide us with clue of future cool and make-it-simple car technologies.

  1. Piloted parking

Over the weekends, mall parking lots are nightmare and hassle during holidays. But what when you don’t need worrying about driving around in order to find space? Or even parking your car at all? Yes, you have piloted parking! You just drive your Audi to particularly designated car park, leave it at a drop off location, select an open place with your Smartphone app, and let the car perform all the work

The car is going to use Light Detection Ranging, LIDAR, cameras so as to navigate the parking lot itself in pre-determined space. When you are finished shopping, you just enter a command in your Smartphone app, asking your car to meet you at drop-off location.

  1. In-Car Wi-Fi hotspots

Individuals are used to at all time being online, whether at work or at home. However, the rare occasion is when we get into the cars. Certainly, you may pull out your Smartphone to check your Facebook or email. However, what when you need to work on the laptop or larger tablet?

Well, Unconnect Access is an upgrade to Ram 1,500’s infotainment system. This package adds 3G cellular modem, running on Sprint network that offers WI-FI hotspot for various devices up to 150 feet away.

  1. Airless tires

Majority of individuals do not often check their tire inflation. Many are driving on underinflated tires. This inevitably causes myriad of problems to the health of the car. Well, the solution is to dump the air! In 2011, the Bridgestone Corporation said they are working on a concept “non-pneumatic” or airless tire. The tire is going to be filled with molded thermoplastic resin spokes that’s going to be strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight.

  1. Easy-Fill Tire Alert system

Nissan has emerged with a technology making it simpler to maintain the tires which don’t need air. The system is a convenient alternative to those inaccurate, and often nonexistent tire pressure gauges found at gas stations.

When you connect air hose to the tire, and the air begins flowing, the car’s emergency lights will flash, indicating that the filling procedure has begun. The horn will chirp when tire pressure reaches its recommended setting.

  1. Smart headlights

Driving in snow or rain at night is not easy. The road condition becomes poor. The headlights also illuminate snowflakes and raindrops rather than the road. However, Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed headlight system combining a camera, beam splitter, projector and Intel-based processor to lower the amount of raindrops in your field of view.

  1. Hydrophobic windows

The 2014 Kia Cadenza is among the first vehicles to provide hydrophobic windows. The windows have been particularly treated to repel water as well as condensation. This will improve visibility in rainy weather. It also makes it simpler for a car to dry after it’s washed.

Well, car technology will still continue to change as manufacturers come up with innovative ideas making them easier to manipulate. However, as a driver, you also need to keep abreast with this changing technology. That’s why drivers require to book practical driving test to hone their driving skills.

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