Sitemap is a simple way to let navigate your blog readers with full functionality. It is a kind help from you to your readers who want to search your blog as per their requirement and keywords. Regular or default XML sitemap from Blogger is for search engine robots not for the humans. Today’s need is human readability which is most important if you want to be known as good blogger. Your site’s simple navigation might help you in this matter. Because now-a-days no one has that much time to search your blog for hours. People just want quick and effective results.

Sitemap by labels for Blogger

If you make your blog’s sitemap which is fetched by labels. Then it is possible to make site navigation simpler and human readable for their convenience. The sitemap here I am sharing with you is very good and have neat structure, which is consist of post’s list and paging. If your blog has more than 500 posts so there is no need to worry. Posts will be called according to label and your blog performance will not be affected at all. This sitemap will be known as Sitemap by labels for Blogger blogs.

Example Sitemap by labels for Blogger blogs

Sitemap by labels for Blogger blogs

How to get this Sitemap?

Sitemap by posts labels for Blogger blogs

Note: When you Install this code for your blog in a Page or Post entry then first check you’re pasting the code in HTML mode (not in Compose mode)

Generate Blogger Sitemap – Author: Duy Pham