In this advanced technological world where a majority of the industries are striving hard to establish their presence in their specific niche, the websites play a remarkable role in it. The websites generally help in establishing strong online web presence while resulting in strong brand awareness and so it is important to make it attractive and well-optimized. However, there are a number of things that results with a well-optimized and highly-functional website, an excellent Content Management System like Sitecore CMS etc. plays a major role with it.

Sitecore CMS

A good CMS helps in delivering the required suppleness along with the modular functionalities in order to ease the management of the website and its content. But, the one that offers remarkable features for building and managing enterprise-level websites is the Sitecore that is built on .NET platform by the Microsoft .Net Developers. So, let us move further and find out what Sitecore actually is and what it offers to the valuable clients and many other things. Here we go!

What is Sitecore CMS- “The Ferrari of the CMS World”?

Sitecore is a leading Microsoft .NET based Web Content Management System, popular as WCMS is highly scalable but at the same time very easy to use. It allows the website managers and the authors as well, to better engage with their customers online across the multiple channels while deriving customer intelligence.

Sitecore was considered as the first WCMS that successfully incorporated marketing automation, e-commerce, intranet portal, web optimization, integrated open platform and social media and campaign management technologies along with many other things. Ultimately, it can be said that Sitecore makes it easier for the businesses to identify, engage, serve as well as convert new customers online.

Sitecore CMS options

Being an enterprise level web CMS, Sitecore comes with an ‘enterprise price tag’ that is very extensible and offers a lot of developer/community support while being developer friendly. Its structure is usually built according to the tree of nodes along with parent-child relationships. It is quite popular as the leader in content management in the WCM community and is rated quite extensively by some of the renowned companies like the Forrester Research.

Exceptional Features of Sitecore CMS:

  • The Sitecore content repository working as a central location for all your content channels
  • Design layouts are separated from the content
  • The multilingual content management system for creating and editing new content
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office
  • Simulating real-time interactions with website visit simulating feature
  • Can be integrated with your internal systems like ERP and CRM
  • The display-agnostic feature that allows to manage and customize the content
  • Easily scalable and customizable through modules
  • Offers multisite support that allows sharing content across thousands of sites while delivering consistent customer experience
  • Easy-to-use User Interfaces (UI)
  • Code-free content creation feature
  • Endless expansion possibilities
  • Offers real-time delivery of content that includes text, rich media, social media widgets, forms, promotions, recommendations and a number of things.
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) support

Technical Perspective of Sitecore CMS:

The Sitecore CMS is considered as a well-featured system but is not recommended for small enterprises or small brochure website due to its pricing. Undoubtedly, it justifies the pricing as per the features they provide and so you need a big budget and ambitious targets to get the full benefit of this CMS. The Sitecore can be utilized just as a CMS; however it works the very best way when it is bought with the DMS (Digital Marketing Suite) which further results in delivering impeccable returns on investment (ROI). Thus, if you are planning an ambitious project and are ready to invest big budgets, you must go with Sitecore Content Management System.

Final Wrap Up:

The Sitecore helps to deliver content in context. It offers a single, connected experience as every online interaction becomes a part of the joined-up conversation that goes across a number of devices and channels. Being a well supportive cross-channel target marketing content management system, it is best at eCommerce and integration across different platforms. The features offered by Sitecore CMS are pretty handy for the enterprises based on the preferred content management system for a number of CMOs, business owners and digital marketers.

Overall it could be said that Sitecore CMS is an enterprise-ready tool that can boost your online presence while achieving higher ROI.

Author Bio:
Sagar Solanki is a Team Lead in Azilen Technologies. His area of expertise includes Microsoft Technologies and various other framework.