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Custom Macbook skins: There are some people who complain about the fact that nearly everyone is carrying around some kind of device with them. All we can say is give it up, grandpa, it’s the way of the future. It’s also an opportunity. Since nearly everyone’s got both a smartphone and a laptop — or an iPhone and a MacBook — it makes holiday shopping super simple. All you have to do is track down their device of choice and get them a made to measure skin.

Macbook skins

Tailor-made Macbook Skins

It may take a bit of snooping, but it’s an essential step you can’t afford to miss. Skins (or wraps or decals, as they’re also known) aren’t meant to fit every device; they must be made to measure for the gadget they’re meant to cover. Without this precision, designers like the people at dbrand wouldn’t be able to create tailor-made Macbook skins that fit down to the micro-millimeter. Each decal is based on the blueprints provided by the manufacturer, so when they create a MacBook Air 13 wrap, like what you can find at, it’s for the MacBook Air 13” and nothing else. If you find a designer that claims one decal can cover any generation without a problem, they’re lying. There will be a huge problem with fit, leaving important pieces of the device uncovered.

dbrand – High-quality 3M Vinyl

When a decal is made to measure, it means it can protect the device to the best of its capabilities. The MacBook Air decals from dbrand are made with high-quality 3M vinyl. This material is strong enough to protect the laptop from future cosmetic damages, yet malleable enough to wrap effortlessly around the computer. It also adds superior grip and water and grime resistance, saving it from butterfingers, spilled Americanos, and dirty palms, unlike AppleCare coverage. No matter how clean the people on your list are chances are they’ll appreciate a wrap that can cover up existing damage and prevent any more from happening.

The Best MacBook Skins

But that’s not all. You can customize the look of a MacBook Air wrap (and indeed any kind of decal) according to your loved one’s personality. The best skins MacBook Air owners get themselves will be shown in an online interface that lets you see how different color and texture combinations look together. You can play around with the finish of each piece, creating something totally unique for the holidays. If red and green isn’t the color combo you’d choose, don’t worry. There are carbon fiber, wood, leather, stone, metal, and true colors to sort through.

Final Verdict

In an age when most people have a device — and they take their phones and laptops everywhere with them — a protective decal can go a long way to keeping them clean and damage-free. Be the person to give them the gift of personalization and protection this holiday or any special event in the future. Find a skin that’s made to measure their device and wrap the best gift under the tree.


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