SendPulse Announces 35% Discount on Result Based Email Marketing Packages


SendPulse is now offering a flat 35 % discount on all their yearly email marketing packages. This company has been growing in popularity, by providing effective email marketing services to their clients.

What is it about SendPulse that makes them stand out as one of the best providers of email Marketing Solutions? Here we check out why they have been able to make the difference.

To start with, they have the complete process, tools, and resources in place, to provide result based solutions. The team has more than 12 mobile and web developers, who work tirelessly to develop effective solutions that help in increasing the hit-rate of various email campaigns.


In addition to developers, they have 6 IT professionals to provide the necessary technical support, required for developing and running successful email marketing campaigns. The IT and support teams work proactively with the marketing team of around 17 people to provide personalized solutions to their clients. The marketing team of 6 professionals is highly experienced.

The features of their services include design and delivery tools, required for creating attractive HTML emails that will compel the recipients to take positive action. You don’t need to be a developer for creating attractive emails by using these tools. The editor comes with simple drag and drops features, which allow you to customize your email from hundreds of templates that are provided.

SMTP server provided by SendPulse allows easy integration with any of the email sending applications, auto-responders, or tools, in order to help you in automating and efficiently managing your email marketing campaigns. The Web Push allows you to reach out to the users instantly over their devices, and update them with new information.

Another reason why SendPulse is able to provide better results were compared to their competitors, is because their email campaigns are backed by SMS sending features. You can use it to update the end-users on the latest offers, discounts, and for other confirmation messages.

If you are into development, then you can also use the distribution capabilities provided by SendPulse with the help of REST API.

The efficiency of email marketing can be improved with the help of Artificial Intelligence. That is one of the reasons why SendPulse can help you in increasing the opening rate of your emails.

Not only will you be able to use the thoroughly tested emails and web push to increase the open rate of the emails by 30%, but you can also further improve the success rate by 50% with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can help you in improving the performance of your emailing campaigns, because it provides you with valuable inputs for personalizing the emails, and also for optimizing the timings and preferences of email deliveries. You will also be able to identify the avenues for improving your content, in order to increase the sales conversions.

If you are not happy with the performance of your email marketing campaigns, then you also have the option to check out their highly effective tools and resources for free. That will give you an opportunity to test if they can actually help you in increasing the sales conversions.


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