How to Sell Online Through Marketplaces?

If you are on this page, it means some business worms are in your mind. You can take advantage of giant online marketplaces. Amazon, Snapdeal, Askmebazaar, and Flipkart are the best online marketplaces to sell products. Small & media scale businesses to the youngster can sell products or anything online to do their business and make money. We are here to help and will let you know what to consider while selling something over the internet and get expected results.

how to sell online through marketplaces

Tips to Sell Online Through Marketplaces

We’ve interviewed many successful entrepreneurs and asked to share some experiences with our readers. No one can exactly get the same results after reading our article I can bet after reading this, you won’t be in loss.

1. Sell that is unique

If you’re thinking of selling self-designed apparel, which is already listed in large quantities on the same online marketplace, then competition is going to be very difficult. If you’re not taking my point seriously, then the only failure can teach you. The unique things can capture a broader market because there is a lesser number of sellers to compete.


Pratik Doshi founder Cheeky Chunk Umbrellas got this point and can sell millions of uniquely designed umbrellas through various marketplaces as he was expecting to earn millions through this idea. Hence, his dream became true and got an expected return on investment.

Like this, you can also sell products, but before this, first, find the completely ignored but necessary product that is existing in the market. Try to make it more exciting and captivating in the eyes of customers.

Sell products online

2. Use SEO keywords

Think of how one will able to find you over the internet. The customer usually buys things from,, or When they look for a product with given posy options, then SEO keywords play a vital role. So learn from your searching habits and note down each possible keyword related to a product, including typos.

You can choose the 100s of related keywords. As if I talk about a cap, then possible keywords can be – cap, caps, designer cap, designer caps, unique cap, small cap, big cap, and so on. Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, KWFinder, etc.

Never ignore the importance of keywords when ready to sell products online.

3. Marketing

Marketing, marketing & marketing. You will be able to receive 100s of orders only with marketing strategies. Because there is no magic wand to make your every wish true. As the customer is not in front of you, then only product visibility can help to sell products. For this, you can read the seller help guide that is available in every marketplace. Believe me; detailed planning will help you to attract more customers. The photo of the listed product should be able to lure the customers at first sight.

4. Give tough competition

Business Competition

Investing in marketing and photography is important, but not everything. It is required to understand the strategies of your competitors and try to give them tough competition with unique ideas. You can provide discount coupons or deals. Never hesitate to adopt traditional approached that are promising. Using social media as a digital marketing tool to sell products online is considered the smartest way.

5. Ask support from marketplace employees

Social media is the place where you can look for almost anyone. You should try to catch the product and category manager there. Appreciate their work and take them in confidence about your product to sell them. Most of the marketplaces love to help creative entrepreneurs to boost their sales through promotion. Politeness and humbleness will work there.

6. Don’t afraid of obstacles

As it is not possible to receive a positive response from everyone. The same will happen with a business deal. Hurdles are the most common things, so never be afraid of them. If the marketplace is not supporting you to make sales, then you must look for some other channels as well.

7. Sell your story

Words of mouth and recommendations always work. Find those people who are speaking about your product and gift your product. They will surely like your product and believe in your idea.

Media always want to talk about masala stories. Don’t sell products to them; try to sell your story instead. For this, you can prepare a draft, including pictures, and send journalists via email. Every journalist will not respond to you but keep chasing them until the positive response come.

8. Return on investment

business roi

Consider recording every expense you do for business, including food, lodging, travel, phone bills, etc. Return on investment should be the prime focus. You should not try to sell products at a minimal margin. Keeping a handsome margin will also bring sales and profitable ROI.

Finally, the most important thing, don’t listen to those people who are judgemental. Be optimistic and whip out negativity. Very few people will like your success idea and used to laugh behind the back. And after the success, they will try to know the secret of how to get success?

Always do prayers and good karma. Respect everyone; nobody knows when someone will bring customers or orders. Keep in touch with everyone and spread words about your business and always take feedback from others to improve your product and services.

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