When Self-Help Goes High-Tech: Modern Gadgets and Apps for a Better You


If you have decided that now is the time for some self-improvement, you’ll need perseverance, dedication, modern gadgets, and some useful tech. There are many gadgets and apps available these days that can make self-help a lot easier and improve your chances of sticking to your new healthy habits.

Self help modern gadgets

The Best Self-help Modern Gadgets

Here are some of the best self-help modern gadgets available right now that will help you to help yourself.

Improve Your Memory

Giving your memory a boost can be a powerful way to learn something new, and one of the best ways to do this is to check out Memrise.

This website, (also a smartphone app) provides a free way to learn new things. Its scientifically based learning technique uses a range of tricks to help your brain learn things faster. You can take one of the classes or create your own, so you can use it to learn anything, and it’s especially useful for learning languages.

Get Into Shape

Becoming healthier and fitter is a great way to improve yourself, and there are lots of apps and modern gadgets to help you accomplish your goals. Why not try the Oakley Radar Pace glasses?

These look like normal sunglasses, but they actually come with a coaching system built into them. Simply plug the earphones in and get updates on your run.

It also comes with an app you can use to create a plan for your workout, get updates on your pace, and more.

Sleep Better & Get Up On Time

Getting up on time can seem like a simple goal, but it can be surprisingly difficult to do. If you are constantly getting up late, or you just want to get more out of your mornings, you could use an app to help you.

The Alarm Clock for Me is a helpful Android app for your devices. It will wake you up to a tune of your choice so you can get up in the best possible mood, and it can even help you to get to sleep by playing a tune on a timer. Try it out and see if you can improve your night and morning routines.

Learn an Instrument

Learning an instrument can be a fantastic form of self-improvement, but it’s hard work. Fortunately, there are apps that can help you, and one of the best is Yousician.

Use it to get access to video lessons and practice sessions to make learning an instrument easier. You can try it for free, or you can pay for a subscription if you want to take your instrument learning seriously.

Read a Book a Week

Sometimes self-improvement can involve nothing more complicated than reading more books, but if you can never seem to find the time to read, get some help from an app.

Bookout is an iOS app that you can use to help you read more. Use it to set goals for how much time you want to read, then track your progress. It even comes with built-in social features.

Get Some Hi-Tech Help

Self-help is going increasingly hi-tech. With these apps, websites, and gadgets, you could find it easier to learn a new language, get fitter, sleep better, or simply read more books.

So try them out for yourself and see if you can get a helping hand from technology when it comes to self-improvement.

Abbie Dixon thinks life is all about living! She works at a sleep clinic, and outside of work enjoys listening to music, cooking, crafts and writing lifestyle articles.


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