How to Save Money with Your Tech?


Your tech can make life so much easier, but if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on the newest gadget a couple of times a year, you’re not going to be saving much. There is some give and take when it actually comes to saving money with technology, especially with it ever evolving and its ever-revolving door.

You don’t want to have to get a loan every time a new iPhone comes out, although you could look into a lending program if you need the tech for your business or livelihood. Instead of going into debt to have all the coolest gadgets, take some advice on how to save some money and still be high tech.

Saving Money Using Tech

Saving money

Buy an Older Version

You don’t always have to have the latest versions of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Older models will be lower in price and will have most of the same capabilities. The newer one may have a different screen or be thinner, but the internet will work just the same.

Never buy a newly released phone the very moment it comes out. Wait until there are some honest reviews out there. You definitely want to read the reviews on any tech you’re considering, from notebook computers to digital cameras (you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money).

Use Free Apps

Always pick the free versions of apps to try out first. It’s likely that if there are a lot of glitches in the freebie there will at least be some in the one you’d have paid a couple of bucks for as well. You may think a couple of dollars for an app isn’t much, but if it doesn’t work you’re out that money, and it can add up if you buy a lot of apps.

Spend Less Time Online

Depending on your phone plan and your internet service provider, you could have fees racking up because you’re spending too much time on the internet or too much time using your phone when it isn’t connected to wifi. If you have an internet company that limits your usage you may want to look into a new company, or you definitely need to limit your time so you can save money. Same with your phone.

Cut Back On Streaming

One way to cut back on your internet usage, that can help you in saving money otherwise, is to cut back on your streaming. If you have multiple paid streaming accounts it may be time to ditch one (or more) of them. Unless you watch them all on a regular basis it seems fruitless to be paying a monthly fee on them all (and it may help you cut down on the amount of time you’re wasting staring at the TV screen instead of enjoying life).


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