Technology has already got the rocket fire start. It’s getting bigger and bigger day by day. Devices are getting overloaded with mind-blowing specs. The uncompromising dedication by the biggies like Samsung, and Apple is the biggest reason behind this success. Today we have come up with another exciting detail about a much buzzed from Samsung, the Galaxy S7.

Samsung has to make Galaxy S7 competitive

Nothing like such these already running products are dumb. These devices are quite good in terms of performance. You can take the case of Samsung Galaxy S5. It was a decent stuff to be in your hands. Actually, fact is that the expectations have gone a lot bigger. People are expecting features those are simply magical. In short, every time these manufacturers have to think something like a definition making. To be honest, the Galaxy S5 was good, but people have already witnessed them. It can’t stand tall p to the expectations of the freaks those look for creativity always.

Samsung Galaxy S7

On the other hand, companies like HTC, LG are looking quite confident powered by their devices like M8, or LG G4. On this context, it is worth watching the probable specs of the upcoming Galaxy S7 from Samsung. In addition, the topics like release date and price features have been always in the talk of town.

However, we have brought you all details regarding the product’s release date, specifications, interesting parts available till date. Have a look!

Probable release dates for Galaxy S7

The fundamental way to start on this topic is considering the Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 from Samsung is all set to hit the shelves within a few days. Now it’s quite apparent that the S7 is not going to be there very soon. Reportedly, the upcoming smart phone from Samsung (Galaxy S7) will be hitting the shelves in later parts of the year 201. It is expected to be available during fourth business quarter of the year.

Buzz is that the Galaxy S6 will be hitting stores anywhere during February or March coming year. Anyway, some people claim that the device (S7) may be coming with a new name. We are not really aware of any such news. What ever it may be, but the fans are going to accept.

Galaxy S7 Performance

Undoubtedly, the Galaxy 7 from Samsung will be coming with all the high-end specs. No one easily gets ready to compromise with performance, and it’s Samsung by the way. Being specific, the smart phone has to come with RAM capacity of at least 4 GB. The way current devices are getting the spark, 3 GB is certainly too less. One or a couple of years back a 3 GB RAM was considered something really big. The processor has to rotate at a minimum speed of 3 GHz. In fact, the predecessors from the South Korean giant have already touched the limit. Bundling the stack, we guess it to run through an eight core processor rotating at 3 Hz.


In increasing expectations, a device has to go with a fine display. This time, the device is at least expected to be coming with 4 K AMOLED display. Especially, Samsung has to be careful enough on this matter as traditionally the South Korean giant is not known to be someone presenting the most creative options. Other names like HTC, Apple are having enough weapons under their account to stun the market.

Thus the first attempt from Samsung would be to offer a display of higher resolution, and 3 dimensional displays with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. We are not saying people are not at all satisfied with displays of Samsung devices. But, expectations will be always there for this champion manufacturer.

Coming to the size, it has to follow the current trend of hybrid sizes. Obviously, it would be carrying a display of 4.5”. Still, it can’t be any bigger than 5.5”. However, a display around 5” size is quite good as well.

Cameras, Battery

Snappers have been one of the biggest factors in success of a device. Good news is that Samsung holds an overwhelming reputation on this regard. Fans are expecting at least a 20 MP snapping option at the main end, and reportedly Samsung is all set to offer the 30 MP option at the main end. It can no way neglect the selfie trends. There should be at least 3 MP front facing option available for video calling and group snapping. Things like Dual LED flash; projectors, etc are quite obvious to be seen with the device. Hen the device is such high-end, the battery has to match up to the standard. It has to make a super powerful battery at least of 3500 mAh that should charge the product in no time.

Galaxy S7 price range

Here we come-up with the most interesting part. You may say it’s too early, but fans have already started assuming. After looking at the kind of sale the Galaxy Note 4 achieved, undoubtedly Sammy will tag the product with a good amount. It may try to surprise through lower cost as well. However, no wonder if the tag reaches $990 mark.