In the year 2011, Samsung, the top mobile manufacturing company introduced Galaxy Note with 5.3” display for the first time. It was the first time that a mobile company introduced a handset with such big display, and making it the talk of the town. Many mobile companies even thought that the display of this model was too big and made it look like a tablet.

As the years passed and technology improved, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was introduced with 5.7” display, which gradually removed or blurred the line that separated mobile phone and tablet. This mobile handset is also known as a phablet (phone + tablet).

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Screen Quality

The screen quality of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is designed with 2,560 x 1440 resolutions, which is otherwise called as Quad HD Super AMOLED. This resolution stretches around 500 pixels per inch of this LCD display.

No matter what situation or under what type of lighting you are, the adaptive display of Galaxy Note 4 automatically adjusts the brightness and the screen brightness according to the available light of that particular area.

Zoom in-zoom out features are available with clear display and there no blurring of the edges, and thereby giving you crystal clear view.


The outer panel that surrounds the mobile is designed using the mixture of a few metals, and yet it gives a plastic-like feeling when the users hold them in their hands. This metal panel is layered with velvety chassis, which is quite comfortable while holding. Even though the outer panel is made of the metal layer, the mobile is as light as the one having a plastic casing.

S Pen

One of the many impressive features that are available in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the S Pen. The mobile is designed with the two different pen options. One is a highlighter and the other is a fountain. Gliding them on the screen of this mobile is just like gliding your hands on a feather. With the joy of writing using this pen, your handwriting and signature look more beautiful than ever before.

With a simple click on the S Pen side button, your mobile automatically switches to Smart Select mode. You can select, drag, or even clip out the paragraphs or sessions using this Pen and easily drag and save them to your archives of clippings.


Another beautiful feature that comes with buying Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the camera. The 16MP camera of this beautiful smartphone offers wonderful opportunity to click the pictures and enjoy them in HD. By using S Pen, you can easily clip the images, edit them as per your requirement, and enjoy photo-shopping with the pictures or improve your photo editing skills.

The camera has a dual mode, which allows you enjoy taking as many pictures as you want, even selfies, yes you read it right. You do not have to keep clicking to get that right picture for your social media website or profile picture. By visiting websites like, you could gather more information that can help you choose the camera smartphone you like.