How to Safely Manage Documents Online?

Online tools are very popular because they are usually free, easy to use and don’t require any installation. If you don’t like to use desktop programs or your computer gets too slow when you download additional applications, online tools seem like a smarter choice. The problem with online tools is that you cannot know from the first look, how secure are they, especially if you are required to leave your personal information.

Easypdf manage documents online

Managing documents with online tools mean you can finish your work wherever you are, but let’s see how to do it in a secure way.

Depending on the type of document management tool you are looking for, you should have in mind these factors:

  • The website of the online tool should be marked as safe (https:// instead of http://)
  • There shouldn’t be many ads on the website, and especially not pop up windows
  • The best way to find a safe tool is via a recommendation from a friend or a reputable tech blog.

One such tool that manages documents online is called EasyPDF. It is an online PDF converter and creator and many other things, so keep reading to find out how this new PDF tool can help you manage your files online but safely.

Use Completely Secure and Anonymous Tool

EasyPDF is a totally anonymous PDF suite, you don’t leave an email address and you are not asked to register in order to use the tool.

All file conversions are secure and your files are safe. When you upload a file for conversion, it is automatically converted by the server machines and not by individuals. In other words, no one sees the content of your file.

As you can see by yourself, there are no ads on the website at all, this online PDF converter is 100% free and you can use it without limits.

15 Tools in One – No Need to Look Further

EasyPDF is 15 tools in one suite. It converts PDF files to Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, Image file formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) and AutoCAD. Scanned PDF files are supported as well, thanks to the latest OCR technology that is implemented in all these tools mentioned above. So when you want to convert a scanned PDF to Word, choose that type of conversion and upload a file. It doesn’t matter if the PDF is scanned or native, the process is the same, upload a file and convert it.

Apart from PDF conversion tools, there are three tools that create PDF files: PDF creator, Word to PDF, JPG to PDF. PDF creator tools can convert almost any file type to PDF.

Furthermore, there is an OCR Online tool that extracts text from scanned image files. So you can choose three types of conversions: Image to Word, Image to Excel and Image to Text.

Finally, there are tools that do not convert files but help you manage them in another way. If you need to reduce the size of your file, you can use the Compress PDF tool on EasyPDF. To extract pages from PDF and have multiple smaller files, you can use Split PDF, and Merge PDF if you want to combine two or more PDFs.

Manage Files on Every Device

EasyPDF works on all operating systems, Windows, Mac, Linux. You can manage files online even on your mobile phone or tablet.

Manage documents on every drive

If your files are stored in the cloud, Google Drive or Dropbox, you can even import such files and convert them. Another safety precaution, when you need to sign in to your Google Drive to import files, make sure the app is marked as safe to use. In this example. EasyPDF is recognized as a safe app and it has passed the authorization that was required by Google. You can be sure that no one will have access to your files even if you sign in to your cloud account and import them from there.

The Internet has never been a more dangerous place when it comes to data abuse and data theft. You should get informed about the smartest ways to protect your data and yourself. Next time you use online tools, don’t forget about these three factors that will differ a secure tool from unsecured one.

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