Efficiency of the Rummy Network and Potential of Online Gaming in India


The gaming industry in India has been witnessing rapid growth for the past few years, which has resulted in foreign companies like Alibaba also investing in Indian gaming companies. India is already considered one of the top five countries in the world for mobile gaming. Since the demand for gaming is on the rise, India now has more than 250 gaming companies, as opposed to just 25 companies in 2010, and at least two companies are getting registered every month. That speaks volumes about the growth of the gaming market in India.

Potential of Online Gaming in India

Main Reasons for the Growth of Online Gaming in India

If we take a look at the potential of online gaming, especially rummy gaming in India, we will see that it has moved from physical tables to the virtual world. This shift has paved the way for a complete transformation of the game and very fast growth in the number of rummy players. Within the online gaming industry, online card games stand out from the crowd and they have shown a 100 percent growth rate year on year recently.

One more reason for the rise of the gaming industry is the sharp rise of smartphone users in the market. It has helped companies to cash on the opportunity by bringing more and more games to the online gaming world. Since smartphone users are always on the lookout for new games, game developers have a great opportunity to channelize entertainment by keeping users engaged. With the addition of localized content, Indian gaming companies are attracting more and more players from all age groups. Moreover, nowadays people are willing to pay and explore new means of entertainment introduced to the market.

The availability of cheap data packages is another big factor that encourages people to game online. Even people from low-income classes can afford data packs nowadays, which draws them to online games.

Introduction of Big Data and Machine Learning to the Gaming Industry

The introduction of new technologies like big data and machine learning have helped the gaming industry to improve user engagement and understand users’ online behavior. Big data helps in gathering information on players’ behavior while playing, enabling gaming companies to understand player needs and build an experience that their users would enjoy. In other words, big data technology helps in creating a personalized experience for players.

Initiatives have been taken by gaming companies to integrate machine learning technology with online games. The idea behind the integration is to understand players’ interaction with the game and their decision-making as well as to negate or minimize the risk factor for players playing games like rummy, eight ball pool, carom, etc. This technology integration has given a massive boost to the online gaming industry and helped it to provide players with personalized gaming experience.

Online Gaming as a Means of Making Quick Money

Online gaming, especially playing rummy online, helps people to make quick money by winning cash games. Players can play both free and cash games depending on their skill and the time they have. Rummy enthusiasts who are still learning the game can sharpen their skills by playing practice games in the beginning. Once they gain confidence, they can play cash rummy games and win real cash. However, players should only play cash games on certified gaming platforms, where all games and transactions are absolutely fair. And, people should play responsibly and not get addicted to gaming.


The future of gaming in India is undoubtedly bright. Knowing the potential of online gaming in India, many big foreign companies are also investing in the gaming sector in the country. Since the efficiency level of game networks has increased with the advancement in technology, the competition is enormous. As a result of this competition among gaming companies, players are having a great time playing enhanced and exciting games all the time.


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