Rocket VPN Review: Access Blocked Content for Free

We all have heard about VPN, which makes it possible to keep user anonymity, offer access to blocked content, and regional bypass restrictions. For the average internet users, it becomes a simple solution. Lots of VPN apps are available on Google Play Store. Picking up the right one can be difficult for most of us. Have an in-depth look at one of the perfect VPN solutions for smart devices – Rocket VPN App.

Rocket VPN

One can easily set up this app instantly. Download, install, and use it. The first time when you launch the Rocket VPN app, it asks for a connection request. The user should have to allow network traffic through this app.

Android users may need to provide certain permissions to access device storage and location. These permissions permit this app to work correctly in all manner. So, be aware of this fact, before installing it.

UI – User Interface

As a Liquidum app, the user interface is eye-catching, and color combinations are extremely good. Transition effects are real smooth. It does not qualify Google’s material design language, but the welter free interface is matching standards.

From the main page, one can pick the virtual location and connect the network through a VPN. After clicking on the connect button, the rocket-man takes off and confirms the access to VPN connections.

Top Features

Notwithstanding this Rocket VPN app have shiploads of features –

Access Blocked Content

A few websites or its content may be blocked at your location due to government policies. But with Rocket VPN, one can easily get access to the content through the virtual private network. For example, some of the YouTube or Netflix content maybe not available in your location and can see the message like – Not available in your country. It’s the only solution for such situations.

Rocket VPN brings anonymity in digital life
Rocket VPN brings anonymity in digital life

Built-in Web Browser

As you scroll down the main page can get access to an address bar and pick a virtual location to view websites anonymously through a built-in web browser easily. No need to make a virtual connection every time.

App Launcher

One of the smashings features to access certain apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Netflix, etc. if not accessible in your region. One can launch his/her favorite app instantly through the Rocket VPN interface. Secure your apps and media through Hexlock.


This app ensures user anonymity over a secure and encrypted internet connection to keep user privacy. Rocket VPN claims none of the user data is stored or shared with third-party services, like ad networks that can access private user data. But a few giants like Google AdSense can access usage data anonymously.

Rocket VPN App to access blocked content
Rocket VPN App to access blocked content

Data Bandwidth

The user can opt premium subscription if they want to unlock the unlimited bandwidth access. For the user, data usage is limited to only up to 500 MB per month. There is no data carry forward option is available.

Connectivity & Speed

7 different virtual locations – United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Australia are available. More locations will be added with time.

Rocket VPN or other similar apps cut down default connection speed that is apprehensible. When it comes to security and privacy, all we are eager can compromise.

After performing a few connection tests, we found actual download was 3/5 and upload speed 4/5. Different virtual locations offer variable speeds.

Premium Services

Those who want to unlock unlimited bandwidth and enjoy ad-free access to the app can purchase premium service as per their requirement.




We recommend Rocket VPN app to our readers because it offers unique features with user-friendly UI. Users can access a virtual private network with decent connection speed. Customer support is up to mark. A free data limit of 500 MB can seem drawback to most of us. But when premium services are affordable. So, no need to worry.

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