PDF is very handy file format even though sometimes we need to convert it different formats for some purpose. On the internet you can find many PDF converter but how you’ll know without testing which one is best? Today we’ll discuss about iSkysoft PDF Converter which is an alternative solution for PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Image or HTML conversion. I find this software easy to use and one the fastest PDF converter available in the market.

Here is some key points which make iSkysoft PDF Converter for Windows unbeatable against other competitors.

  1. Support several popular file formats

It is able to convert a PDF document to different popular formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Image (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF & BMP) and HTML. This means it’s a complete package and reduces the need any other software to converter different supported formats.

  1. Batch converter

It’s a batch converter i.e. you can convert more than one file at once (Up to 200 PDFs). This mean no need to add files multiple times to converter them. It helps you to save time and provide better management of converted documents.

iSkysoft pdf converter output format

  1. Covert entire PDF document or certain pages

Very few PDF converters provide such feature. You can convert entire PDF document or single page or set limit of pages. While you do batch conversion you can select All pages of one document and for other set the range (1, 2 or 1-5) of pages.

  1. Advance Setting under Output Format

Advance settings are available for output formats like Excel, EPUB, Image and HTML.

  • For Excel; you can retain the values with or without values. Along with that it has option to combine all pages into a single Spreadsheet.
  • For EPUB; you retain text and images both in out or convert each page as image. Best thing here is you can add a book cover. Isn’t cool?
  • For Image; you can extract pages as image or only images of the PDF document in all supported formats i.e. JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.
  • For HTML; you have two options to ignore hyperlinks or images or both.

iSkysoft pdf converter output format advance setting

  1. One Click Conversion

Just press convert button and as per your advance setting output will be produced with high quality results. Conversion is really fast and take lesser time against market competitors.

  1. Convert Password Protected PDFs

If your PDFs are protected with password and editing, printing and copying is disabled even though you can convert them without any problem. If PDFs are locked with password then you must enter password to convert them as usual.

Final Verdict

No doubt iSkysoft PDF Converter for Windows is easy to use program and there is no requirement of technical knowledge to use this software. Even a layman can use this software at home or office. Overall a good software that is able to fulfil end-user’s requirement if he is looking for better PDF Converter among hundreds of similar software. It has lots of handy features and super-fast PDF conversion ability.

You can try before you buy iSkysoft PDF Converter for Windows and buy this PDF Converter for just $59.95.