Tips on How to Create An Effective Revenue Management Strategy For Hotel Firms


Revenue management is a very crucial part of any business because being able to control the finances simply means higher profits. There are many ways to look after spending by working out which type of advertising is essential and what can be changed. Companies also offer commission fees to third-party websites to get greater web traffic onto their site. This is obviously a necessary expenditure but it is also important to remember that firms benefit from direct bookings. An OTA or Online Travel Agency is crucial to bookings though and provides many customers that click on the website, and in future can reserve directly.

Effective Revenue Management Strategy

Effective Revenue Management Strategy For Hotel Firms

Create Web Traffic using Social Media

What companies need to learn to do is create web traffic from other areas of the internet including social media platforms. Businesses can create profiles on popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that are free to generate and are also guaranteed to produce results. Firms should also look at joining up to video-sharing site YouTube and the ideas social media platform of Pinterest. Once they have created a loyal following through these sites they can hopefully attract them to click on the hotel website to learn about the property. They can also crucially put promotions and special event details on social media.

A Wonderful Website Design

What OTAs do is very special but looking after revenue should be a top priority. A very vital part of getting customers to click on that all-important booking button is to have a fantastic online hotel reservation system. Having a wonderful website design is clearly crucial, but a customer will be very frustrated if when they arrive at the booking page and it is difficult to use. What travelers want to find when they go on there is that there are competitive rates that other residences do not offer. Also, there should be prices that OTAs perhaps do not offer yet and something for companies to think about is providing a non-refundable room.

The Special Deal

This type of room should have a reduced rate but obviously, the rule that once it is bought then the guest may not get their money back. Other rates can be offered that perhaps provide the chance to refund money up until 24 hours before arrival. This structure actually encourages tourists to make their booking carefully and usually, they do not cancel. Another tip that firms should think about when working with OTAs is that there should be more than one promotion at the same time. Naturally, customers will go for the special deal that is cheaper and it may be that accommodation companies should roll out the second promotion at a different time.

Expert Advice from Digital Hoteliers

A firm that can help with revenue management is Digital Hoteliers that offers expert advice on how to advertise in the right places. The hard-working consultants can aid in creating superb social media profiles and providing help on how to do blogs and videos on the site. They will formulate a plan for a bespoke website that has a modern web design and fits in with the hotel brand. The booking engine will be amazing and the diligent staff members will also create an app to help bring in bookings and net profits up to a successful level.


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