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Pen drives come in different size and brands that simplify the tasks of users in sharing and storing data. Kingston pen drives are widely used amongst users that help to store a large amount of confidential information. But being sensitive and portable device pen drives are prone to corruption due to plenty of external/internal reasons. The most common issue users observe while working on Kingston pen drives is “Write Protection Error”. In this section, we will discuss write protection error in detail and suggest a commercial solution to deal with this error to avoid data loss.

kingston datatraveler g4 32gb pendrive

What Causes Write Protection Error In Kingston Pen Drives?

There are plenty of reasons behind the occurrence of write protected error in Kingston pen drives which includes virus infections, Write protection switch, security settings or read-only mode etc. The most common cause is a virus infection, sometimes when user plugin Kingston pen drives with PC or public computers then the anti-virus program installed in the system is set on automatic scanning. Due to automatic scanning modes, the USB drive gets infected with some nonsense files that result in write protected error. Therefore, it is recommended to always set anti-virus program on manual scanning mode so that the Kingston pen drive data will not be lost.

Write protection error does not permit users to access any of the pen drive items, therefore, the user needs to take preventive steps to resolve the issue.

Possible Ways To Resolve Write Protection Error In Kingston

Some of the Kingston pen drives have come with a mechanical switch that puts those USB drives on Write protected mode. Therefore, in such situations, users are required to see whether the switch is not set to write-only mode if so unlock it to gain access to saved data.

Check the size of USB drive; it is near about to its prescribed size limit then there are chances of encountering write protected error. If the issue is due to oversizing then it is required to delete unused or unnecessary files to avoid write protection error.

Write protection error is also caused by incorrect registry values, which requires following fixes:

  • Click Start and bring Run dialogue box
  • Type “regedit” and press Enter

windows regedit exe

Navigate to the following location:

windows registry location

Now how to find this location from the directory

  • Double click on “HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE”
  • Hit it off on SYSTEM and double click on CurrentControlSet
  • Navigate to Control option and select storage

Now right click on ‘Write Protect’ option and choose to modify option from the left pane

windows registry editor

Now Edit Dword wizard will open and check the value data digit if it displays 1.1 levels that mean Kingston pen drive is 110% is “write protected”. We can fix this problem by change 1.1 numbers with 0 volumes because zero digits completely indicate pen drive is not “write protected”.

windows edit dword value

After completing this task now you can completely access Kingston pen drive data without any problem.

  • Search for ‘Write Protect’ and if found delete it. If it does not exists then follow same steps to replace ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ with ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER

If the write protects error is still unresolved then surely you have corruption in pen drive that needs to be resolved. After trying all manual procedures you need to rely on an external solution to resolve to write protected error in Kingston pen drives. There are numerous tools that provide facility to recover data from pen drives but there are lesser tools who assure resolving to write protection error.

Acquire Professionally Equipped Pen Drive Recovery Tool

The pen drive recovery tool is most demanded solution in the market that provides facility to recover data from pen drive irrespective of its size and error issues. The power recovery algorithms used within tool provides comprehensive recovery of data from Kingston pen drive without a bit of loss or alterations. The help to overcome all types of errors and provide facility to recover even permanently deleted data.


  1. Pen drive write protection error can be removed by changing the settings in the registry after that its write protection access will be denied.


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