Out there you can see millions using Outlook as their desktop mail client. The ease of maintenance and functionalities it supports has made it commonly used platform of many business organizations. It stores emails, contacts, calendars and much more, further it supports Exchange Server as well. The mails, notes, journal etc. get stored in single PST file.


Sometime the users get troubled with the Outlook PST. The file becomes inaccessible and users won’t be able to work with Outlook. Have you come across the situation where your PST couldn’t open? Are you getting continuous error message while trying to open Outlook personal folder files? Either corruption or damage can be the reason for the inaccessibility of PST files. What cause them? Is there any possible way for PST recovery? The coming session discusses these questions and answer – how to repair a corrupt Outlook Personal Folder File (.pst)?  Let us have a look on the causes of inaccessibility.

Reasons For Corruption

The reason for the corruption is not surrounded around one specific; you may come across many reasons that contribute to corruption. Some of the causes are discussed here.

Improper termination of Outlook

This may be the common reason for corruption or damage. After saving all the changes or works, you should close Outlook properly i.e. by using the ‘Exist’ option from the ‘File’ menu. Simply closing by clicking the close button on the corner may lead to improper closing of Outlook, leading to damage or sometimes corruption. The power failure, system failure etc. can also be the reason for improper shutdown of Outlook.

Virus attack

Virus attack is very often and is crucial. Once if the system is attacked, it gets into all the documents and applications. This ultimately leads to corruption of the files saved in the system. Virus might enter through internet, virus infected devices etc. and to get rid of them, anti-virus application is recommended.

Bad Sector

The hard disk where the PST files are stored if affected by bad sector then, it may cause corruption to the file. Some of the data may get lost or become inaccessible.


There are even chances for the upgradation process of Outlook to make the file corrupted.


Though Outlook 2007 and later versions supports up to 50 GB file size, it is recommended to keep the size to 10 GB. The oversizing of file can also lead to corruption and data loss.

Apart from these reasons, you can even find many others too. The power failure can add to the cause, the reinstallation of the Operating System may cause corruption to the file systems and much more. It is said that, if the files are corrupted then recovery is difficult. Corruption of files ends up in data loss.

Restoration of the file from damage is possible through Scanpst.exe, the in-built utility provided by MS Outlook itself. However, this recovery is up to a limit. When the file is severely affected, one cannot rely on this particular utility. For the PST file recovery, the better option is to lend the hands of third party.

How Far Is A Third Party Helpful?

The easy restoration of Outlook Personal Folder File (.PST file) can be made possible with Outlook Recovery tool. The advanced algorithm implemented in the tool provides flawless recovery of the infected files. It helps to restore the file back in PST format as well as in EML/MSG without affecting the Meta data. Users can find it easy to work with since the interface of the tool is similar to Outlook. The striking feature is, it recovers the emails, contacts, calendars etc. that are gone deleted due to the severe corruption. Deep be the intensity of the corruption, the tool fixes them all.