Storage limits have expanded for Microsoft Outlook repository yet, keeping unnecessary data items is still not justifiable. Most of us want to remove duplicates because duplicate items take up the most space unnecessarily and bother users the most. Rules, profile recreation, multiple account management with “leave a copy on the server” setting enabled, virus scanner, clean up tools, and other such elements are hugely responsible for the duplication of emails in an Outlook profile. The duplication of items not only annoys users, but also makes it difficult for them to store more data after a point of time. In the worst of scenarios, the data file may be corrupted due to this mere reason.

Remove duplicates outlook emails

Nevertheless, manually approaching the cleanup of duplicate items is a cumbersome procedure to be carried out by the end users. The amount of time it takes along with efforts can be avoided with the mere use of a third party tool like Outlook Duplicates Remover.

Following is a review of the overall functioning of the product based on its testing, carried out using the latest version of the software.

Overview of Outlook Duplicates Remover

Outlook Duplicates Remover application is a provision in the software industry for removal of duplicates from an Outlook repository of both ANSI and Unicode formatting. The software is capable of processing multiple files at a time to scan for duplicate items and work on their removal.

Product Potential: Discovering the Tool

  • Batch Processing: One can add multiple numbers of Outlook Data Files at once in order to get the duplicate items from them removed in one go. The provision makes the removal a faster procedure saving a lot of processing time.
  • All Items Scanning: Not just emails, but also other items of the personal storage are scanned for duplicate entries. The software removes any/all duplicate items from PST files whether in the form of emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Modes of Removal: The software is programmed with multiple ways to remove duplicates from Outlook PST file.
    • Within Folder: To remove duplicates from folders of each PST file individually.
    • Across Folder: To remove duplicates by comparing data in folders of selected PST’s.
    • Preferred Destination: The destination after removal of duplicates can be used specific. Outlook Duplicates Remover allows users to choose the destination path for saving the output after duplicates removal.

System Requirements

The software is built capable enough to not to require much from external sources. Therefore, it only has a basic set of requirements that are listed below:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 and below
Processor: 1 GHz but 2.4 is suggested
RAM: 512 MB is suggested but 1 GB is preferable
Hard Disk: 10 MB and more free space on disk
Outlook: (Necessary) Outlook 32 bit 2013 and below versions

Remove Duplicates: Working with the Tool

Duplicates remover for Outlook is built with a user-friendly single screen interface. The steps for performing removal of duplicate entries in PST are:

  1. Download and install Outlook Duplicates Remover from its official website
  2. Run the software from Programs menu. Click Ok on the Check for Prerequisite window
  3. Click on Add File(s) / Folder to add PST file(s). Click on Remove to delist a file
  4. Select the checkboxes against the listed Categories: Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Journals, Tasks, Notes to define your selection
  5. Choose duplicate removal mode from Duplicate Option(s): Within Folder(s), Across Folder(s)
  6. Click on Browse to define the Destination Path for output
  7. Click on Remove Duplicates to begin with the process
  8. Click Ok on the prompt window notifying successful removal of duplicates
  9. Click Close on the software window to end the tool
  10. Go to the destination path defined to cross check the resultant PST file and report generated

Why Choose Outlook Duplicates Remover?

Outlook Duplicates Remover is the ideal choice for clearing up duplicate entries from a PST file. Not many products in the market can do the same with an efficiency and precision like that of Outlook Duplicates Remover. The tool on an overall basis is a great provision to worldwide users. By enabling users to add multiple files for removal of duplicate items, the software ensures less time consumption and more productivity. Although it does not offer a preview of the contents within each PST file, but that is the catch, the software does it all by itself without bothering the user about anything on the backend. One can add multiple files, choose to remove duplicated in a preferred pattern, define the destination path without having to do much. There is barely anything that the software can’t do to help you with the removal of duplicate entries from a PST file. Hence, it proves to be a powerful and extremely helpful approach to make when wanting to clear up duplicates from an Outlook Data File for – an organized PST and a regularized storage. Thus, the software is the best choice you can make.