This segment focus on about how data get permanently deleted data from hard drive as well as from pen drive and how to restore them. Moreover, it explains how to restore corrupted, formatted and lost data.

Data is essential for many user at organizational level and personal level and if there is loss of data it can worsen the flow of work. Due to corruption or deletion, the chances of losing essential data rises that are stored in the desktop. Any unintentional deletion result in severe data loss and quiet hard for user to recover permanently deleted data.

Recover permanently deleted files

You can characterize deletion in two ways i.e. Soft Deletion and Hard Deletion. When you simply delete a file it will be temporarily deleted, it will move to recycle bin and user can easily restore deleted files from recycle bin to original location. This deletion is considered as Soft Deletion. But if you delete a file by pressing SHIFT+DELT, then your data will be deleted permanently. The permanently deletion of data does not mean that your data moved to recycle bin, the data will be deleted forever from the system. In fact, if there is any old data in recycle bin, it automatically deleted once the retention period is over. This type of deletion is known as Hard Deletion.

However, if you have tried to recover permanently deleted data manually, but nothing happened, then just set your sights on a recovery software to recover permanently deleted, formatted, corrupted etc data because recovering permanently deleted data is difficult task but there are many software available that recover permanently lost data without any difficulty because permanently deleting a file does not mean that file actually deleted from the system, somewhere it is stored in the computer only. By utilizing Data Recovery Wizard Software user can recover and restore all their data.

Similarly in case of Pen Drive, Even though you try to keep your file safe and trying not to delete them. But pen drive cannot stay away from surprising data loss and corruption.

For example, your pen drive is infected with virus or corrupted, error occurs while transmitting the files by means of cut and paste method. In that case you will lose your data.

Moreover it is difficult to restore deleted data from pen drive manually as it does not contain recycle bin and computer hard drive. Thus data recovery from pen drive can only be done with the use of Pen Drive Data Recovery Software that easily recover permanently deleted or corrupted data.

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