Reasons One Must Treat Responsive Web Design Seriously


Need for a responsive web design today – Over the years, the use of mobile devices has increased significantly. Studies show that in 2014, the use of mobile usage has surpassed desktop. Today, more and more people access the Internet with their tablets and smartphones than desktop.

However, when we view a website with different devices, it does not always offer the same. And it is not practical to build a web version for each device. Therefore, organizations all over the world are looking forward to responsive web design to deal with such issues. If you are not sure that your site should be optimized for mobile devices, Google’s algorithm for mobiles, which was released on 21 April 2015, provides a good reason to have a mobile website ready cause.

Responsive web design

Responsive Web Design: An Excellent Technique to Amazing Website

However, 3 more important reasons why a website needs responsive design are:

Need for a Single Website

In the earlier days, most of the companies usually had 2 websites: the regular site and another site for mobile devices. Responsive design allows a website to fit the size of the screen that is being considered, whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone. This eliminates the requirement to design two different websites.

Initially, it might take a longer period to create a Responsive Web Design, but as a long-term benefit, it will take less time to update the site, when necessary, as there is only one website to change.

Google Backs Responsive Web Design

In case of SEO, Google favors responsive sites than the mobile sites that require a distinguished URL to crawl and index multiple versions of the same site.

Although one can carry on developing mobile web pages, he/ she must use the “rel canonical” tag to tell Google the particular page they should consult, in terms of rankings, since it will have identical content from the 2 websites. For this reason, it is easier to have a responsive site that takes care of everything.

Unmatchable User Experience

A responsive web design, which is well-built is the easiest way for users to interact with the website, as well as providing a better user experience. When a person has a hard time viewing a site, he/ she is likely to leave and never come back.

Google believes that bounce rates as one of the 200 ranking factors used. Therefore, to reduce the dropout rate and give you the best calls to action, give the user with the best design UX.

Users must be able to navigate easily through your website and find the information they need, regardless of what device they are using. They must be able to read the text clearly, work out forms and view the content they want without feeling frustrated with your site.

Therefore, to rank above your competitors, you should be one step ahead of the game. As more and more users are using mobile gadgets as a buying medium, one needs a responsive web design to build a mobile-friendly site that can cater to every variety of users.

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Why Should You Seriously Consider Investing In Responsive Web Design?

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