10 Reasons Why Make Money Blogging will be Hard

Making money blogging is hard or simple, but everyone wants to make money and be famous without investing too much effort or hard work. We are all looking for some easy way to earn money, aren’t we? We often see many people trying too many things that they like or have an interest in making money. Blogging for money is one of those things.

As per the latest trend, people are attracted to the growing sector of writing blogs. So they are searching for how to make money blogging. Many people find it an easy way to make money, while some don’t even consider it a career and not a way to make money.

Making money with blog

If you consider it as a hobby, an interest, or a diversion, blogging has been in talks for being an interesting and effective way to make money for many. Many people have chosen to quit their jobs and start their careers as bloggers to earn a handsome amount to support their financial needs. The ease you get with a career as a blogger is a dream for many. You have your own time, mood, and space to write by being your boss. What more can anyone ask for?

Make Money Blogging isn’t Simple

We have all fallen in love with this glittery sector until now, but like its numerous benefits, it also has a darker side. Blogs require witty, innovative, and unique writing and presentation. You cannot be boring and monotonous in your approach. And certainly, blogging for money or making money by doing the same thing repeatedly is not possible.

Many new bloggers enter the sector with the hope of making money instantly, but like any other field, blogging for money requires patience. It takes a lot of work to reach out to people and spread your message. Don’t just consider your blogs a way to make money; consider them a source of reaching out to many people.

With this article, we are trying to tell you why is making money blogging hard. If you are thinking of swimming in this ocean to get pearls, we suggest you read this first and then take a call. If you want to know how to make money blogging, then we are giving reasons why it would be hard to make money blogging:

1. Picked A Wrong Niche

Most newbies pick a niche that can pay well. But ask yourself: Can you prove your expertise? Every niche works if you write informative and useful content. Traffic will salve your blog.

Most bloggers think popular niches can bring huge traffic in a short time. This may be true for you, but not for all. Traffic is only possible if users are convinced.

You can pick any niche. Justify yourself. Publish content after thorough research. Keep your eyes on the competition. Set up Google Analytics and do traffic analysis.

2. No Concrete Business Model

As every entrepreneur says, having a solid business model is important for running a business, but the case is different from blogging for money. Like any other business, you don’t have an intended customer base, resources, product, etc., and you don’t have a plan or design for blogging.

You should focus on making and growing connections in the initial stage, leaving the money factor aside for some time.


3. No Connection with the Audience

If you want to be rich overnight, then blogging for money is not the right thing to do. Blogging is not a money-printing machine but a path to connecting with people.

The idea of earning money from the day you launch yourself is just a virtual truth. If making money blogging is your prime goal, then you must try your hands with some magic. We guess.

4. Not the Right Questions

We all believe that we always do the right things, and it is the fault of others if anything goes the other way out. Rather than asking how you can make money or drive traffic with highly engaged, the question of concern should be how you can improve your blog or writing skills to win you as many people as you want.

People expect some kind of magic to happen so that they can make a lot of money and have many people like them, but this requires complete attention and sheer hard work.

5. Working on a Free Blogging Platform

Almost every blogger starts a free blog to save money. They get very limited options to make money and do SEO. After some time, they recognize it’s not all good.

Wordpress.com does not allow you to place Ads for free.

However, Blogspot (Google Blogger) allows the placement of AdSense ads. It’s SEO-friendly for experts but not for learners.

Doing on-page SEO is a bit difficult, where keyword density plays a vital role. Checking keyword density is a very time-consuming process.

Adding rich snippets to blog posts will be possible, but only with the help of technical expertise.

If you can start your blog with little investment, you must opt for Self-hosted WordPress. That can give you full control over your blog. You can do everything on your blog to make money and SEO.

If you do not have a blog for money, you can stick to Google Blogger (Blogspot). It’s an awesome blogging platform for sharing your point of view.

At least a custom domain on a free Blogspot website can help you maintain professional decorum.

6. Serving Low-Quality Content

You must serve high-quality content. It helps to engage and retain users coming from different channels. High-quality content is the secret of a low bounce rate.

Google looks for high-quality content that engages users. You can post daily, weekly, or monthly, but users only want useful and detailed information.

Thus, start writing well-researched articles with a unique presentation. Never ignore adding references from top-ranking blogs to build trust among new users. Content should be typo-free. Write short paragraphs, make bullet points, and add headings to improve readability.


7. Do not Know SEO and Keyword Research

Online content is not similar to offline content. Publishing content online requires proper keyword research. High-quality, unique content will never rank in Google if no keyword is present in the content body.

Most newbies publish content in their own words, but they should publish content in users’ words. Users search for your content in search engines and come to your site. They use their words to search for your content, not yours. If you know what users are searching for, you will rank higher, and quality content will engage and retain them.

Keyword research is hardly 30 minutes job. But it can attract and retain a high volume of traffic. You may choose long-tail keywords to drive more organic traffic from search engines.

Must do on-page SEO. WordPress users can use Yoast SEO plugins.

8. Wrong Money Making Approach

Many bloggers have a huge amount of traffic but no worth. They are using the wrong approach to making money. How your blog can be monetized depends on your niche and target audience.

As a blogger, you can earn through-

  1. AdSense or Alternatives
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Affiliate Marketing

Before implementation, AdSense must do a heat map analysis. It will help you a lot to know where you should place ads.

Sponsored posts can be a source of income, but content should still be useful to your audience. Otherwise, users will leave you because they will only receive information about promotional products or services.

Affiliate marketing can work for some blogs but not for all. It needs different channels apart from your blog to grow and earn more and more. People tell and talk about affiliate marketing but never share their secrets about how they are selling products to earn a commission.

I recommend trying out most monetization options to know which one can help you earn after knowing that you stick with only one.

9. Do Not Trust Link Building

Every article should have keywords, and it will start ranking. But apart from on-page SEO, high-ranking web pages use backlinks.

Every blog post needs links, which helps Google identify your content is useful to others.

Doing keyword research and publishing content brings traffic, but content with backlinks can bring huge traffic. So, do not forget to build links for each blog post.


10. Less Content Structure

The content structure must be well organized. Suppose your blog is about making money online. The blog categories can be “blog setup,” “blog design,” “SEO,” and so on. Each category can have sub-categories, which are linked to each other. Everything is organized.

It helps users and search engine bots understand where content is and what it is about. The result is that content ranks well in search engines.


These are some of the wrong impressions people have about blogging for money. Making money is a good option for blogging, but only if you are doing all the right things.

Don’t just fall into the trap of taking a shortcut to making money. Instead, use your brains and put in a lot of hard work and dedication to win a replaceable place in the industry.

Readers will love to read you when you put yourself into writing blogs rather than just writing them as an option to make money. You may have to deal with some initial struggles, but what will come as a reward for you will be worth the wait and your efforts.

Let us know if this article was of any help to you. Also, comment on your misconceptions about blogging earlier and how you have understood the reality.

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  2. It’s certainly much harder than people seem to think. Even if you have high quality people which people like, you must find a way to show it to them. And to my experience, that’s the hardest part. People have a very short attention spam and the competition with blogs is huge so you must captivate the attention of an individual within seconds.

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