Social media as people know it today does a fine job of connecting individuals from around the world through the Internet in a way that is very much unprecedented. Nonetheless, it does have its shortcomings when it comes to helping people connect with their neighbors and other persons (strangers or otherwise) from their locale. Learn about Radii.

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RADII – The Truly Social App

RADII is the one of the first social apps to respond to this issue by allowing its users to broadcast their specific needs in it. Once a person does so, other RADII users would be able to view it within the app’s interface and promptly respond to it. The app requires their users to sign up for an account or connect their Facebook account before they could start using its features. The focus on locality is highlighted by the fact that there is a limited radius for every broadcast that a user makes. Only people within that radius would be able to see and respond to your broadcast.

Its workings is quite similar to that of a forum where people can help each other on a specific issue. The only difference is that RADII can be used as an all-around platform from which everyday needs (from carpooling to buying and selling bargain goods and products, etc.) and social activities (from making new friends and acquaintances directly to organizing groups for work or events) can be addressed with the power of mobile interactions.

Personal or Business Use

The very features of this app definitely makes it different and considerably miles ahead from other alleged social apps. Another interesting issue that RADII wishes to address is the prevalence of middlemen in every aspect of today’s social media interactions, whether they’re personal or business in purpose.

What’s certain is that RADII is revolutionizing social media in order for people to start making more direct, intimate interactions. This is extremely vital for it only ever serves to heighten human compassion more. This is certainly a very noble deed, and one that other social platforms should consider adapting because, without a doubt, this is what the progenitors of social media had intended from the start.

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