11 Quick Time-Saving Excel Tips for Everyone

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common programs used by people. Whether it is managing the bulk data or creating a spreadsheet, all can be done through Excel and that too in an easy manner. This is the reason that Excel is widely used in companies, organizations and other places. Excel is said to have a number of features that not only ensure faster working but in a hassle-free manner too. But not everyone is familiar with the time savvy tips and tricks that can make a difference.

MS Excel quick tips

That is why we have come up with the best Microsoft Excel Time Saving Tips you never knew about. Working on Excel can be easier with these tips thus making you a PRO of Excel. So what are you waiting for, just take a look at all these 11 simple tips that you can follow for Advanced Excel?Β 

1. Creating a duplicate copy of your spreadsheet

Many times you would like to create another copy of your spreadsheet not just as a backup but for editing as well. Now, this can be achieved very easily through the following steps. So let us get started.

  • Use left-click and hold your sheet
  • Now use the Ctrl key and see the + sign will come before you
  • Start dragging the sheet towards the right until you find the triangle sign
  • Release the mouse and the Ctrl button one after the other.

So this is how you can create a duplicate copy in just a few easy steps.

2. Using one formula to different cells

Sometimes you would want to apply the same formula to the different cells. So rather than using it one by one, you can make use of this simple shortcut which will help you a lot. To do it, follow the given steps.

  • First, select all the cells in which the formula has to be applied
  • Now enter the formula
  • Use the Ctrl key for it and then press enter
  • The formula will be applied to all the cells at one time

3. Autofit column width

Sometimes when you paste anything into the columns you feel the need to adjust the same so that clarity is maintained. Now, this can be done with a single click and that is by using alt, h, o, i. Press the keys in this order and release it in a similar one. By doing this the width of all the cells will increase and in case you want to do this only for a few cells, then select the first, and then use the alt key.

4. Creating a drop-down list in the columns

ALT key with down arrow has to be used together to create a drop-down list. The main advantage of doing this is that you need not type the information but can select whichever option is most applicable. So a lot of time is saved and you benefit too.

5. Filter drop-down menu

To achieve this, you have to select the cell where you want to create the drop-down menu and press the alt key with the down arrow. Once you do this the drop-down list is created and you can use the filter option accordingly. Now you are ready to select anything from the list and save your time. Sorting becomes quite easy with this and that is why you need to know this shortcut.

6. How to lock the drawing mode for creating different shapes

There are cases when you would like to draw the same shapes or lines again and again. Going to the Insert menu and selecting the shape, again and again, is definitely tiring. But have you ever imagined that this can be done with a single click as well? How is this possible? All you need to do is enter into the insert menu and choose the desired shape that you wish to add. Now right click on the shape and look for option β€œlock drawing mode”. Now use the key to draw the shape as many times you want. This is quite easy. You can follow this for any shape or line as the case may be.

7. How to compose text

The database is fragmented into different ones so that clarity can be maintained. A common example is your name which is broken down into your first name, middle name, and last name. But if you want to put the name together then this can be done through the β€œ&” symbol. For example, if you wish to put together S1 and S2 then you will have to write it as β€œ=S1&S2”. In case you need to add a space between your names just add in β€œ β€œ and space will appear.

8. Transposing the values

There are times when your worksheet has a number of columns in it but the rows are less. This spoils the look of the sheet as you get a complex view. Now you want to keep the sheet sorted and look good as well. This can be done using the transpose function which helps you in achieving the right results.

  • First select the cells that you wish to transpose, right-click on it and copy the same.
  • Now paste the value into the place you want to.
  • Paste special is the option wherein you will find transpose, click on it and transpose is done.

9. Status of the columns

Not many people know that you can get the status of your column. All you need to do is select the column that you wish to check the status for and at the bottom you can see the sum, average, and other related values. Status customization can also be done which is yet another benefit that you can get. So column status can be really helpful for quick information.

10. Smart Lookup

One of the important tips for Microsoft Excel 2016 is the smart look up. The benefit of using the smart lookup feature is that you can use the internet search option without leaving the sheet. So this is good as you can perform the search right on the sheet and save time from moving to the sheet and then to the search and back again.

11. Adding or deleting columns

People who use Excel have to deal with rows and columns all day round and so adding or deleting should be possible in a single click. If you are looking for a shortcut for the same, this is how you can add or delete the columns without any problem.

  • For adding the column you need to use the shortcut ctrl+ shift+ and the equal key.
  • For deleting the same you need to use Ctrl + key and press – with it. The column will get deleted.

These are the simple 11 shortcuts in Excel that you can follow and perform a number of things in an easy way. The best part is that a lot of time gets saved and you can manage things in a better manner. That is why it is necessary to be familiar with these useful tricks that can make a difference in how you work on Microsoft Excel. Hope these tips prove beneficial for you.

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