Today, iTunes has become one of the best online platforms to promote music. Irrespective of the type of music you create, iTunes allows you to promote it in the best possible manner. Well, there are a number of misconceptions that are holding people back from using iTunes for promoting their music. My main aim behind writing this blog is to offer you 6 amazing tips on promoting your music via iTunes. However, you can also avail the leverages of any reputable iPhone App Development Company, in case you find any issues.

Promote music itunes

Right Way to Promote Music on iTunes

1 – Choose a reputed distributor


As an initiative to make good money via your music album, I recommend you to opt for the best music distributor. Although the distributor will be taking some money out of each purchase, you’ll easily be able to save a good sum of cash for yourself. Make sure to surf the internet for the best known music distributors who are authentic and can help you make good money out of your music album. Never get scammed by deals that appear good but aren’t so in reality.

2 – Ditch singles and choose albums


Although singles are a great way to gain instant popularity in the music industry, the trend doesn’t work for iTunes. If you look through iTunes, you’ll find that a lot of placement opportunities are available for people who have uploaded a complete music album rather than singles. Hence, if you’re thinking to promote music or even a single track, think again and choose to set up a complete album that will enable you to score more on iTunes.

3 – Pay attention to spelling mistakes in the names of your music tracks


I’ve personally come across a large number of music releases that contain typos and misspellings. Everyone who accesses iTunes definitely notices such errors which actually tend to create a negative impression of the music owner. Hence, make sure to proofread your music release prior to distributing it via iTunes. It is really not worth if you avail iPhone App Developer for Hire and then make spelling mistakes.

4 – Consolidate your iTunes releases with your other online availability


Although it isn’t recommended to spam your fans with links insisting them to purchase your music, it is equally foolish not to share your iTunes items with your global fans. You must consolidate your iTunes items with your other accounts maintained with different music websites. An easiest way of doing this is adding your iTunes link to the “Buy” section of each of your tracks available on other music-oriented sites. Another method of doing this is uploading previews for your music items that link users to your iTunes page once they click on the “Buy” button.

5 – Don’t fear competition


Since iTunes is a global platform, you may have to face a stiff competition when it comes to promote music album. It is highly recommended to face this competition with utmost willpower because a good talent gets recognized by one and all.

6 – Be prepared to answer questions related to your music album


iTunes is a platform where you can receive queries regarding your music. Some of the questions you must be prepared to answer include: How much have your other releases sold? Do you have ad dollars allotted to the release? What are your realistic expectations of the first week digital sales of your new music release?


iTunes can serve as your best and effective tool to promote music. It entirely depends on how you manage to use the online platform for your benefit. Being a regular user of iTunes, I’ve myself witnessed a considerable increase in the sales of my music release. I’ve actually seen music lovers appreciating and purchasing my music album via iTunes. So, if you too are a budding musician looking for ways to promote your musical talent, iTunes is the platform that can serve as a magic wand.

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