How to Become a Project Manager?


Being able to lead and inspire the team, manage projects, generate new ideas and implementing them – these are some essential skills you need to develop if you want to become a project manager. The following article introduces the specific features of the project management profession. You will get to know how project managers live and work; how significant this job is.

Project manager

Project managers are required in most major companies, working in various fields. If a company has a project, they will need a project manager to support it. The one will be responsible for giving and completing tasks, as well as keeping the team informed. The point is that the project manager should take care of the communication; the one should make sure that the team members share the details on the project matter and work as a team.

Project Managers’ Skills

Among the personal characteristics a good project manager should have the following skills:

  • leader skills
  • time management skills
  • communicative skills
  • being stress resistant
  • multitask skills
  • being able to substitute a team member


The responsibilities may vary, although the basic ones usually include

  • organizing functions and tasks
  • communicating with the whole team
  • solving with all the related issues
  • controlling and monitoring tasks performing
  • planning the budget

Tasks and responsibilities depend on a field of work, as well. This may add some more specific tasks, such as technical assistance, for example.


Another key thing is the degree. Project managers usually have two basic options. You may get a bachelor’s’ degree either in business management or in a more specific field related to your future projects. Furthermore, some institutions provide an opportunity to complete your education and simply take an additional program on the matter, which will provide you with a necessary certificate. Another way to get the certificate is to address one of the associations, such as Project Management Professional, for example. Then, you should keep in mind that it will be necessary not only to provide them with the required documents on your education level, to provide verifications of your working experience, and to pass the exam.

Career Opportunities

Both salary and career opportunities of a project manager depend on the sphere the company is working in. Likewise, they will take into account your experience and type of project. Thus, at the beginning of your career, you may expect about $ 45 000, while as an experienced and qualified project manager you may make about $ 125 000. Nowadays, the career opportunities for a project manager tend to rise in numbers. The number of vacant positions may grow up to 16 million in four years.


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